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Top 30 Favorite Mini Session Photos from the Last 5 Years

March 19, 2021

Top 30 Favorite Mini Session Photos from the Last 5 Years

Mini Session


Here it is! Jen’s Top 30 favorite mini session moments from the last 5 years!

Wait, aren’t blog posts like this similar to declaring you have a favorite child? Probably. Maybe. Okay, just a little, but sometimes as a photographer when you click the shutter you can just FEEL you captured the most amazing moment. These moments stick with you during your career and it’s an incredibly rewarding feeling.

The best part about lists of favorites is your favorites can change every time you scroll through photos. Every time I scroll through my Lightroom catalog, I find a new fleeting moment from the past and fall in love with it all over again. It’s a sliding list – next time I post this, some shots will stay the same and some will change.

One | Getting Some Adorable Ducks in a Row

Five kids sitting against concrete wall
Starting this notes entry off with a real easy choice of favorites. This is a favorite because my nieces and nephews all stayed seated EXACTLY where Uncle Travis’ told them to sit AND we got 4 outta 5 smiling – Jace was just not having it this day without his Mom!

Two | Bowtastic

little girl bustin' a move against brick wall
I love captured moment because it looks like she’s about ready to get down and boogie! You can tell this girl has some personality with moves like this!

Three | Expecting

two adults against brick wall looking at pregnant belly
Anytime two people can get caught up in the moment and let the world melt away around them is a total winner in my book!

Four | Grumpy Puppy

grumpy dog wrapped in blanket with two adults
I. Can’t. Even. Haha, I LOVE his expression – he has no idea how much he is loved by his parents!

Five | Extended Family Fun Time

Multi-generation photo of family dressed in black in front of red door
I wonder who said what to get everyone to crack a big beautiful smile. It’s amazing to get three generations into one photo. Those kiddos have no idea how lucky they are to have this moment documented forever.

Six | Eye See You!

Two adults kissing the head of a toddler
This little heartbreaker has his Mama’s eyes!

Seven | LMAO

Two well dressed adults laugh in front of mural
Their laughs are literally contagious in this photo. I have a tendency to LOL every time I scroll past this one in my Lightroom catalog because their joy during their mini session was so contagious. Side Note: I’m almost certain Travis was saying something inappropriate.

Eight | It is Faaaallllllllll

Two kids throw leaves in the air
Spontaneity at its finest. These two siblings grabbed some leaves while their parents were having a photo moment during the mini session and decided it was time to take back the attention to the kids!

Nine | Autumn Snuggles

Family of four with dog sitting on bridge together
One of my favorite shots is to get everyone piled in as close as possible and have Mom and Dad look at each other as a reminder of the life they’ve created together. Even Teddy is having fun in this photo (the doggo)!

Ten | Walk this Way

Little boy and dog on leash
He only thinks he’s in control.

Eleven | The Newest Journey

pregnant woman stands on bridge admiring belly
We were lucky enough to catch this early maternity photo of on the same bridge that this couple had their wedding photos taken on. I hope someday we can take their kiddo’s photo on this same bridge!

Twelve | 18 Feet of Fun

four dogs
How can you not love all these puppers together in one photo all smiling at the camera together?

Thirteen | A Kiss for Mom

Family of four standing in front of ivy
I love a good moment when the world seemingly melts away around you. Mom is surrounded by her favorite loves and is in her own little moment of bliss.

Fourteen | Just Like Mom

The eye connection and confidence that this little lady gives my camera is telling me that this six year old is ready for a modeling contract. She’s got a million dollar smile!

Fifteen | One of these is Not like the Others

Toddler stands with two dogs
My favorite moments happen to include when mom and dad treat all their children (furry or not) the same. I also absolutely adore that his hair is the same color as his fur brother and his pants match his fur sister! Mom and Dad in blue just seals the deal in this photo for me.

Sixteen | I want that Outfit

Family of four standing together and smiling
I want that outfit. I mean, any of them really, this family is dressed to the nines and I’d be happy wearing any of them. But I’m specifically talking about the plaid jumpsuit (with a hood!!!).

Seventeen | These Boots were Made for Walkin’

Toddler girl standing with parents
I’m THAT person that walks into the store and picks up the little tiny kiddo shoes and screams “OMGGGGG” at the top of my lungs. How precious are little tiny shoes that only fit little tiny feet? These boots she is wearing are EVERYTHING.

Eighteen | Grandpa is One Happy Man

six adults and one infant link arms
May we all be so lucky in our life to see our children grow up and see our children’s children. I love how Grandpa looks completely content surrounded by his wonderful family in this extended family shot from their mini session.

Nineteen | Look What We’ve Created!

two parents hold infant
I couldn’t imagine more perfect expressions on everyone’s faces. Babes included!

Twenty | I Ruff you!

Woman and dog in park
This boy and his mom are the bestest of friends and I absolutely love this moment where she gives him a smooch. I also love that It was shot with our dreamy 200mm lens at 2.0.

Twenty-One | Get my Good Side

Dog stands on top of two adults
We always love to do a photo with your furbaby where everyone is just piled together like you’re all together on the couch. This beautiful boy just wasn’t going to lay down (I guess he knew his mom was wearing white pants) and just decided to steal the show with his good looks.

Twenty-Two | I Just Found my New Best Friend

Four adults and two toddlers sit together
Happiness is the moment when you realize two little girls just became best friends for life. I loved this session because these four are best friends and it seems their little girls will also be life long besties!

Twenty-Three | Laughter is the Spice of Life

Happy family of five sits together and laughs
I cannot get over babe’s smile as her family giggles and laughs around her during their Phoenixville mini session.

Twenty-Four | Never Too Cool for Cake

toddler wears backwards baseball cap and smiles
I cannot remember if this was before or after he was bonked on the head by his party balloons, but he was not the same for the entire session when he realized his party balloons could dive bomb him from the sky. Love this shot because who doesn’t want to eat cake like this?!

Twenty-Five | Autumn Vibes

Well dressed family standing on bridge during autumn photography session
This family is so perfectly coordinated and full of confidence in this pose. I also wish I could pull off a fashion forward accessory like his little hat!

Twenty-Six | Wait, Who Did You Say is the Favorite?

Five adults stand together during portrait session
This is the moment during the mini session when everyone realized we weren’t there to take photos – we were there to have a little bit of fun and document our time together while laughing.

Twenty-Seven | You Make Me Happy

couple embraces at mini session
Does anyone else’s hearts just melt into a puddle when you see these two together? I love how they love each other and how their bond just grows from year after year.

Twenty-Eight | Never Fully Dressed without a Smile

Toddler sits while two hands adjust bow tie
This kiddo has both Mom and Dad wrapped around his little finger… errr… wrapped around his bow-tie?

Twenty-Nine | Make Way!

little boy walks towards camera with parents
This moment is just so perfect. Sooner or later he won’t need to hold onto Mom’s hand to take a few steps, but for now, he’s got that extra pointer-finger-of-a-safety-net. His confident smile says it all – I hope he keeps that throughout his entire life!

Thirty | You Make me Tongue-Tied

great dane stands with tongue sticking out
I know it’s a gene in humans which allow them to curl or not to curl their tongue. Do dogs have the same gene?

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woman holding leash of dog

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