We create heirloom images to tell your holiday story because we believe that the magic of childhood should never be forgotten and those moments visiting Santa are some of the most important childhood memories.

We will be limiting the number of sessions available per day to a minimum, and only one family will be in our studio at a time.

Our Santa Session Portrait Collections are specifically designed to highlight your session experience with Santa and showcase your family tradition of visiting the "man in red" year after year. From adding two feet to four feet or the simple joy of "putting a ring on it" - Santa sessions are for the young and young at heart and are the perfect way to document the year at hand.  Life happens in the most magical ways and creative photos are the most special way to document the journey to share with future generations.

If you're ready and you're interested in having us photograph your event or your loved ones, send up some flares or send us a message!

Fox & Brazen's
Santa Experience

Studio Holiday Portraits

The Bell still rings for all who truly believe.

The joy of the holidays is contagious and there are no fonder memories to look back upon than to remember the magic of childhood and meeting Santa Claus for the first time. Here at our Fox & Brazen photography studio in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, we have created a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your child to interact and spend time with Santa Claus in a comfortable festive setting.

Fox & Brazen is featuring one-on-one private sessions with Santa in a totally live interactive experience. This isn't a traditional photography session that has standard poses, but a live photojournalist documentation of the family's interaction with Santa.

Santa will naturally flow through a variety of different experiences with the participants depending on the age and cooperation. While this is all happening we will be capturing every moment. If there is time at the end we can do the old school staged "everyone look at the camera and smile", but this is not the focus on what the Santa Experience is all about.

the Polar Express

We setup a quick zoom call or come into our studio for your gallery reveal. You'll select your products from the lightly retouched images in the online gallery. Once selected, we'll do a final retouch on the images for your products.

Step 3

Enjoy a completely unique and private visit with Santa or our 2020 Holiday Set at our studio in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

No malls. No lines. No waiting.

Step 2

Check the website for dates to see our availability. We have a limited number of sessions available for the 2020 holiday season. Select the time that works best for your family!

Step 1

‘Tis the season for love and happiness, Happy Holidays my love.

How to Book

Welcome to our 2020 custom built holiday set! Our FaB elves worked hard this year to design a set to bring joy to this absolutely crazy year. On our holiday set, you can choose to have your family holiday portraits taken or visit with Santa Claus in a safe environment.

What are we doing to keep our families (and Santa) safe? We're enforcing the requirement by the state of Pennsylvania for your child (age 2+) and group members to also wear a mask upon your arrival to our indoor studio and select moments throughout your visit. All sessions are by appointment only and we have a stringent cleaning policy between families as well as at least 30 minutes between appointments. Everything touched is wiped or spritzed down with sanitizer and disinfectant.

If you're visiting with Santa, face coverings are required to be worn by both Santa and his visitors at ALL times. Santa wears gloves and changes out for a new set between appointments. Though masks are required, we're just thankful our Santa is not hidden behind plexiglass! Kiddos, doggos, and adults can interact with Santa for some creative and memorable photos to commemorate 2020.

If you're joining us for family photos, your photographer will get you settled on set and then step outside the front door so your family is solo in the studio. Once your family is solo in the studio, you may remove your masks for a traditional photo experience. We make use of telephoto lenses to capture your family photos from a safe distance this year - your photographer will be approximately 50 feet away during all photos.

Assisted by a little patience and a lot of giggles, we're certainly capturing some magical memories to commemorate 2020!

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Have Your Photo taken on Our 2020 Holiday Set

Christmas mysteries: What IS tinsel made of? Exactly what categorizes a drink as “nog?” How can I eat just one more cookie? Let’s find out together, shall we?

NOTE: any images on our Santa Experience website prior to November 20 reflects different and ever-changing mask mandates from the State of Pennsylvania. If you have specific questions about our 2020 set or mask policies, please email us prior to booking cheers@foxandbrazen.com

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Our 2020 Holiday Set is certainly one for the books. Imagine a soho loft feel with exposed white brick and a larger than life holiday wreath built from scratch. A red bench for those whom would like to be seated is the final touch on our 2020 set.

Our set is perfect for holiday cards or the annual tradition of capturing your family in their holiday best dress or those festive casual sweaters you dig out of the closet once a year.

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holiday set

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This experience is a fun and unique twist on your visit with Santa that will keep the Spirit of Christmas alive in your child's memories for years to come! This is NOT the sit-on-the-lap-and-smile-mall-experience. This is a 10 minute one-on-one time where Santa will gauge each participant (child, adult, or doggo) to provide a completely individual experience through personalized activities and moments.

Every year we introduce new exclusive add-on experiences with the man in red! Our experience is also perfect for that holiday marriage proposal you've been waiting for, or having Santa help with a Gender Reveal!

The Santa Experience is perfect for children and adults of all ages - we also have special experiences for your favorite four legged doggo! Let's make some awesome memories together!

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Finding yourselves stuck at home this holiday season? Need a little last minute boost of holiday cheer? We're working on keeping the holiday spirit alive during the 2020 holiday season AND Santa is keeping up with the socially distance 2020 times,

Insert Santa zoom sessions. We've made a deal with Mr. Kringle to block off some time right before Christmas to check in with some of his favorite kiddos.

 Santa is happy to visit your family via Zoom for a ten minute catch up right before the holiday! During this time, Santa will catch up with the participants and see how their holiday season is going and what they are most excited to celebrate this holiday season. Participants can share virtual milk and cookies with Santa, have a festive chat, listen to a holiday story, or even give Santa a tour of their holiday decorations around their home!



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Fox & Brazen's Santa Experience sessions are a fun and magical way to welcome in the holiday season. Our Santa Experiences are captured indoors at our Phoenixville Photography Studio (177 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460).

Arrival to the Studio
Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled start time wearing your masks. If you arrive earlier, you will be required to wait outside as we have a one family in the studio at a time policy for 2020. Please arrive to our studio as camera ready as possible though there is time for a QUICK outfit adjustment prior to the start of your session. Your session will start on time if you are ready or not - as Santa has many friends to visit with over the course of the day and staying on schedule is very important.

The Basic Santa Experience
The young and young at heart will have approximately ten minutes of time with Santa on our custom designed 2020 holiday set. The experience is customized to each individual family or group, but most will enjoy a festive chat with Santa about the naughty and nice list (how do you measure up?), a story about how different places in the world celebrate the holidays, a giggle or two, and more.

The Upgraded Santa Experience
If you'd like to add on additional time with Santa, we have upgrades that allow your children to have additional or individual time with Santa (great for families with multiple children). For 2020, we're offering featured upgrades like making reindeer food with Santa, reading a holiday story, or having a holiday dance party. Every year we will be offering limited edition sessions - what is offered in 2020 may not be offered in 2021!

The Online Gallery
Very similar to our spring and autumn mini sessions - Santa Experience Images will be viewable in an online gallery soon after your session, You will setup a time to come back into our studio or a virtual zoom session to learn how to navigate your online gallery and redeem your items or purchase additional a la carte products.

What to expect at your Santa Experience

Santa Experience Guide

NOTE: any images on our Santa Experience website prior to November 8 is concept art. If you have specific questions about our 2020 set, please email us prior to booking cheers@foxandbrazen.com

Are you in a festive mood and would just like to make use of our stunning 2020 Holiday Photography Set? These sessions are captured indoors at our Phoenixville Photography Studio (177 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460).

Arrival to the Studio
Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled start time wearing your masks. If you arrive earlier, you will be required to wait outside as we have a one family in the studio at a time policy for 2020. Please arrive to our studio as camera ready as possible though there is time for a QUICK outfit change prior to the start of your session. Your session will start on time if you are ready or not - as  staying on schedule is very important.

The FaB 2020 Holiday Set
We will pose you and your group in different combinations on our holiday set. We'll take whole group/family photos, individuals, as well as different smaller combinations. Please feel free to bring your own props to incorporate into the scene at hand (your photographer will have the final say if we can incorporate your ideas into our set. Our festive red 2020 bench can be moved from the scene, but the floor, the back wall, and our giant wreath may not be moved and will be visible in all photos taken.

We strongly recommend selecting just one outfit for you 20 or 40 minute time block though you may bring additional outfits - it's your time that you may use as you wish. One outfit will allow us the most amount of time for photography, but multiple outfits will give you a greater variety of images to choose from in your final gallery. You will be photographed from HEAD to TOE to the TIPS OF YOUR FINGERS - so every bit of your outfit(s) and appearance is greatly important.The session time slot is very strict, so any changing of clothing will take away from shooting time. The time slot can not be extended based on this lost time. Participants may be standing, moving, and sitting throughout the session, so an outfit that does not require much adjustment between photos is the best.

What to expect at your Photo Session

Holiday Set Experience Guide

we are crafting a product that will outlive us all.

Make every photograph like it's the one you will be remembered for.

You have booked and trusted us to create some beautiful images of this most important time in your life. With this in mind, we want to guide you into selecting heirloom products that feature your favorite and most memorable images from your session. All our offerings are rooted in a fine art flair and are designed to last you a lifetime.

Our favorite fine art product is our heirloom albums. Our goal is to tell a story from your session and create an album that you, your family and your friends will enjoy for years. In fact, it will be passed from generation to generation. Treat yourself to telling your story in this luxurious fashion with one of our stunning Italian Leather Storybooks.

We're also full of pride to offer our Wall Art Collections. Our Wall Art is boastful of elegance of finely crafted furniture, combined with the highest print quality in the world - this will transform your home into an authentic art gallery displaying your most precious memories! Your wall art can be purchased in canvas, metal, or an acrylic finish. From precise color management, to cutting edge technology, the quality of this art is incredible - your future grandchildren will be thankful you invested in such beautiful artwork for their generation to enjoy.

Albums • Wall Art • Heirloom Products

Ah-Maz-ing Heirloom Treasures

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Wall Art
(Canvas, Metal, Acrylic)

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Nothing can be compared to the magic of the holiday season. No matter your age, there is something so festive about visiting with Santa Claus. We're excited to share our passion for the holidays, love, life, and Christmas magic with you - check out our galleries!

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