Information about Phoenixville mini session portrait Photography

Outdoor Mini Sessions
Most of our mini sessions are held outdoors. We use the outdoor ambiance to capture a fresh natural feel to your posed portraits of you and our loved ones against different backgrounds at a set location.

Studio Mini Sessions
Once in a blue moon, we'll setup a date for a themed session indoors at our studio. These sessions include specific props and a backdrop to capture a theme. 

Our goal during your mini session is to capture the moments as they unfold. We can finesse  your expression, pose,  and camera connection - but our main goal during our short time together is to capture the essence of your personality.

Fox & Brazen's
Miin Session Experience

Bite-Sized Portrait Sessions

"Think Happy Thoughts."

Our mini sessions are held a couple times of year. They are short "quickie" photography sessions designed to capture a handful of memories of that moment and time. Typically these sessions happen once in the spring and once in the autumn and our clients usually sign up for both dates.

What are mini sessions? Great question!

Fox & Brazen Mini sessions are very short photo sessions held on a specific date at a specific location. Our minis range from 20 to 60 minutes and result in an online gallery for participants to select a small number of included digital files and purchase heirloom products. 

Peter Pan

A couple weeks post session, you'll select your final digital photos and heirloom products from the lightly retouched images in the online gallery. Once selected, we'll do a final retouch on the images and send the link for a digital download.

Step 3

It's mini session day! Enjoy your time with FaB! Most mini sessions are a quick 20, 40, or 60 minutes. We'll take care of posing you and coaching your expression - your job is to gather the ones you love for a photo session together!

Step 2

Click the button below to book your appointment online! Check our our online scheduling system for availability. Mini Sessions timeslots are limited throughout the year and only happen on specific days at specific locations.

Step 1

Mini Family Sessions, Mini Couples Sessions, Mini "Just Because" Sessions

How to Book

Ready to get your date on the books and spend time time with FaB?

Is 20 minutes enough time to get some great moments of your loved ones? Yes, yes, yes! We usually can get everything we need (as long as everyone is cooperating) in the first 10 minutes, which leaves us 10 additional minutes of time to mix it up and get some other great moments captured - this includes more candid moments, other group combinations, or different backgrounds. Our 40 and 60 minute session upgrades are perfect for those who like a more laid back pace or if you're bring a gaggle of people/pets with you to be photographed. The more time we spend together, the more variety of photos we will create together.

Twenty minutes of photography goes awfully quick! We'll pose you and your loved ones in different combinations on a handful of backdrops. During our mini sessions, we strive for a balance of posed group photos as well as a few natural moments that truly capture your personality. We'll give you a handful of actions or prompts and we will then capture the moments as they unfold. We can finesse your expression, pose, and camera connection - but our main goal during our short time together is to capture the essence of your personality.

What does Ferris Bueller say? “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” This resonates SO hard with us! Mini sessions are perfect for capturing everything in between life moving too fast - you'd be surprised at what you can miss capturing when you don't have a photo session on the schedule.

Fox & Brazen mini sessions start at 20 minutes (they can be upgraded to 40 and 60 minute blocks as well). You'll arrive to our set location ready to rock and roll - dressed to the nines and ready to have some laughs and fun!


FaB Mini Session Experience


Add-On Time & Digitals to Customize Your Experience!

Mini Session Collection

20 minutes of fun!

WHO: You. Her. Him. Your Kids. Your Dog. Your Bestie. Bring one, bring all. Bring just the dog.
WHERE: Set Location
WEAR: Match. Don’t Match. Formal. Informal. Wedding Gown. Plaid. Shorts. Birthday Suit. We’re not picky.
WHAT: 20 minutes of photo time. You pick your favorite digital images (5, 10, 20, 30 or more depending on your collection). Exclusive wall art & item sale post session.

Add On:
Double or Triple your session time 
More digital files to capture your loved ones
Heirloom Wall Art and Print Products

Take control of your image and experience. Design your own headshot experience and walkaway with EXACTLY what you need for success in your genre!

we are crafting a product that will outlive us all.

Make every photograph like it's the one you will be remembered for.

You have booked and trusted us to create some beautiful images of this most important time in your life. With this in mind, we want to guide you into selecting heirloom products that feature your favorite and most memorable images from your session. All our offerings are rooted in a fine art flair and are designed to last you a lifetime.

Our favorite fine art product is our heirloom albums. Our goal is to tell a story from your session and create an album that you, your family and your friends will enjoy for years. In fact, it will be passed from generation to generation. Treat yourself to telling your story in this luxurious fashion with one of our stunning Italian Leather Storybooks.

We're also full of pride to offer our Wall Art Collections. Our Wall Art is boastful of elegance of finely crafted furniture, combined with the highest print quality in the world - this will transform your home into an authentic art gallery displaying your most precious memories! Your wall art can be purchased in canvas, metal, or an acrylic finish. From precise color management, to cutting edge technology, the quality of this art is incredible - your future grandchildren will be thankful you invested in such beautiful artwork for their generation to enjoy.

Albums • Wall Art • Heirloom Products

Ah-Maz-ing Heirloom Treasures

Starting at ....... $125

HeirlooM Products

Starting at ....... $400

Wall Art
(Canvas, Metal, Acrylic)

Starting at ....... $750

Heirloom albums

Sometimes simple is best - these are quick 20 minute sessions held twice a year for a straightforward and easy update for your annual photos. Some groups opt to upgrade to a double or triple length session for additional images!

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