Outdoor Mini Sessions
Most of our mini sessions are held outdoors. We use the outdoor ambiance to capture a fresh natural feel to your posed portraits of you and our loved ones against different backgrounds at a set location.

Studio Mini Sessions
Once in a blue moon, we'll setup a date for a themed session indoors at our studio. These sessions include specific props and a backdrop to capture a theme. 

Our goal during your mini session is to capture the moments as they unfold. We can finesse  your expression, pose,  and camera connection - but our main goal during our short time together is to capture the essence of your personality.

Fox & Brazen's
Miin Session Experience

Bite-Sized Portrait Sessions

"Think Happy Thoughts."

Our mini sessions are held a couple times of year. They are short "quickie" photography sessions designed to capture a handful of memories of that moment and time. Typically these sessions happen once in the spring and once in the autumn and our clients usually sign up for both dates.

What are mini sessions? Great question!

Fox & Brazen Mini sessions are very short photo sessions held on a specific date at a specific location. Our minis range from 20 to 60 minutes and result in an online gallery for participants to select a small number of included digital files and purchase heirloom products. 

Peter Pan

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A couple weeks post session, you'll select your final digital photos and heirloom products from the lightly retouched images in the online gallery. Once selected, we'll do a final retouch on the images and send the link for a digital download.

Step 3

It's mini session day! Enjoy your time with FaB! Most mini sessions are a quick 20, 40, or 60 minutes. We'll take care of posing you and coaching your expression - your job is to gather the ones you love for a photo session together!

Step 2

Click the button below to book your appointment online! Check our our online scheduling system for availability. Mini Sessions timeslots are limited throughout the year and only happen on specific days at specific locations.

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Mini Family Sessions, Mini Couples Sessions, Mini "Just Because" Sessions

How to Book

Ready to get your date on the books and spend time time with FaB?

Is 20 minutes enough time to get some great moments of your loved ones? Yes, yes, yes! We usually can get everything we need (as long as everyone is cooperating) in the first 10 minutes, which leaves us 10 additional minutes of time to mix it up and get some other great moments captured - this includes more candid moments, other group combinations, or different backgrounds. Our 40 and 60 minute session upgrades are perfect for those who like a more laid back pace or if you're bring a gaggle of people/pets with you to be photographed. The more time we spend together, the more variety of photos we will create together.

Twenty minutes of photography goes awfully quick! We'll pose you and your loved ones in different combinations on a handful of backdrops. During our mini sessions, we strive for a balance of posed group photos as well as a few natural moments that truly capture your personality. We'll give you a handful of actions or prompts and we will then capture the moments as they unfold. We can finesse your expression, pose, and camera connection - but our main goal during our short time together is to capture the essence of your personality.

What does Ferris Bueller say? “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” This resonates SO hard with us! Mini sessions are perfect for capturing everything in between life moving too fast - you'd be surprised at what you can miss capturing when you don't have a photo session on the schedule.

Fox & Brazen mini sessions start at 20 minutes (they can be upgraded to 40 and 60 minute blocks as well). You'll arrive to our set location ready to rock and roll - dressed to the nines and ready to have some laughs and fun!




FaB Mini Session Experience


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Add-On Time & Digitals to Customize Your Experience!

Mini Session Collection

Starting at $125

WHO: You. Her. Him. Your Kids. Your Dog. Your Bestie. Bring one, bring all. Bring just the dog.
WHERE: Set Location
WEAR: Match. Don’t Match. Formal. Informal. Wedding Gown. Plaid. Shorts. Birthday Suit. We’re not picky.
WHAT: $125 for 20 minutes of photo time. You pick your favorite 5 digital images. Exclusive wall art & item sale post session.

Add On:
Double or Triple your session time 
More digital files to capture your loved ones
Heirloom Wall Art and Print Products

Take control of your image and experience. Design your own headshot experience and walkaway with EXACTLY what you need for success in your genre!

You have booked and trusted us to create some beautiful images of this most important time in your life. With this in mind, we want to guide you into selecting heirloom products that feature your favorite and most memorable images from your session. All our offerings are rooted in a fine art flair and are designed to last you a lifetime.

Our favorite fine art product is our heirloom albums. Our goal is to tell a story from your session and create an album that you, your family and your friends will enjoy for years. In fact, it will be passed from generation to generation. Treat yourself to telling your story in this luxurious fashion with one of our stunning Italian Leather Storybooks.

We're also full of pride to offer our Wall Art Collections. Our Wall Art is boastful of elegance of finely crafted furniture, combined with the highest print quality in the world - this will transform your home into an authentic art gallery displaying your most precious memories! Your wall art can be purchased in canvas, metal, or an acrylic finish. From precise color management, to cutting edge technology, the quality of this art is incredible - your future grandchildren will be thankful you invested in such beautiful artwork for their generation to enjoy.

Albums • Wall Art • Heirloom Products

Ah-Maz-ing Heirloom Treasures

Starting at ....... $125

HeirlooM Products

Starting at ....... $400

Wall Art
(Canvas, Metal, Acrylic)

Starting at ....... $750

Heirloom albums

Color Correction • PhotosHop Magic • Cropping • Lifetime of Knowledge

Before & After

Hover over each image to see the after and before!

Mini Session Experience FAQs

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How many people can I bring with me?

Fox & Brazen does not limit the number of participants at your session. Just keep in mind, the more people/pets you bring, the less camera time each individual will get and the less groupings and setups we'll be able to fit in.

Our 20 minute mini session is perfect for a family of four (or less) people/animals that are good listeners. If you have young kiddos or a doggo that has a hard time focusing, you may want to consider a double or triple session or booking two sessions spaced out during the day with a break between.

Double or triple sessions are perfect if you'd like to bring multiple generations, another couple, incorporate an outfit change, or have something special in mind to feature during your session.

Do you recommend hair and makeup?

Short Answer: Yes.
Long Answer: Yes. Professional hair and makeup will enhance your best features as well as give you more confidence in front of the camera. A great makeup artist will analyze your face to create a look that is fresh, polished, and flattering - this will help downplay any blemishes or discoloration and bring out the twinkle in your eyes. One of the best parts of a professional makeup artist is they have knowledge in prepping your face for the the lighting we use to create a professional portrait.

What is the difference between a mini session and a full session?

The biggest differences between mini sessions and full length sessions are the amount the session can be customized, the total experience, and the length of photography.

Our mini sessions range in length from 20-60 minutes and have a specific date and location that cannot be changed by individual clients. We have a set number of digital files included in our mini session time blocks. During our time together, we often have a "pre-set" shot list in our head that we repeat for each client attending the mini sessions. If there is time left at your mini session, we'll do something a little more "out of the box," but our mini sessions fly by pretty quickly (especially with little ones!) and we find our shot list is pretty perfect for the allotted time. We also strongly discourage props or outfit changes during our mini sessions since they have a tendency to "eat up" most of our photography time together. Mini Sessions are perfect for a quick annual update for photos. Mini session dates are usually limited to one date in the spring and one in the fall - sometimes we'll throw in a special themed mini session event sometime during the year as well.

Our full sessions can be completely customizable from the length, to the location, to the number of heirloom products or digitals, to the pampering services included in your collection. We look specifically at each participant in the full session and customize the experience completely. Our full sessions give plenty of time for outfit changes, props, and bringing your own ideas to how you'd like to spend our time together. Our full portrait sessions include a planning session to incorporate all the brainstorming and ideas we can create together so we have the perfect plan on photo session day. Lastly, your full session portrait gallery will have a wider variety of images to choose from. Full sessions are available to schedule anytime throughout the year. Do you think this sounds more your speed? Drop us an email for more information!

What should I wear for my mini session?

Once we get closer to mini session day, we'll email you a few more recommendations for selecting the perfect wardrobe.

Dress from head to toe (so yes, bring THOSE shoes and skip the ratty tennis sneakers)
Choose options that flatter - clothing should be fitted for your body type and not be too lose or too tight
Ensure that clothing is clean and pressed - wrinkles and stains will not be photoshopped
Ultimately we suggest you dress to represent your personality, the season, and personal style
Groups should match with similar color tones, but should not try to match their outfits in every way


Match. Don’t Match. Formal. Informal. Wedding Gown. Plaid. Shorts. Birthday Suit. We’re not picky.

You will most likely be photographed from HEAD to TOE to the TIPS OF YOUR FINGERS - so every bit of your outfit(s) and appearance is important. Our clients may be standing, moving, and sitting throughout the session, it is important to take into consideration everything you are wearing. Most of our mini sessions are held outside - so please dress for the season (for example... if it's cold - consider wearing a jacket or warm sweater).

Here are some general tips and tricks for selecting your wardrobe:

Can I choose my own date for a mini session?

Our mini sessions are held on specific dates throughout the year. If the select date does not work with your schedule, we encourage you to look forward to the next season or check back for new availability.

Our full portrait sessions are also available to book any time throughout the year and are completely customizable.

What if it rains, do you offer a rain date?

When you sign up for your mini session we do have a backup date scheduled *just in case* rain may be an issue. We usually make the final rain date call about 24-48 hours prior to the sessions. If for some reason you cannot make the rain date and you notify us with more than 24 hours notice you can use the credit towards a future mini session or apply it towards a full portrait session.

Can I bring my kiddo's Grandma and Grandpa orAunts and Uncles to our mini session?

YES!!! We LOVE a party during your session! Side note... #AuntLifeIsTheBESTLife

If you're bringing a gaggle of friends or family to your session, I STRONGLY encourage booking at least a double session! For each "type" of group, I'd do a separate time block - so, for example, if you're bringing your family, plus both sets of Grandparents - I'd recommend a triple session. This will allow us the proper amount of time to incorporate a bunch of different fun combinations.

Some unique session ideas:

Multiple Generations
Best Friend
Aunt & Uncle
Family Pet
Boyfriend / Girlfriend


Can I bring my dog? Or props? What about a goat?

We never say no to having you bring your doggo to be in front of our camera. Sometimes we choose locations were pets are not allowed (like Longwood Gardens) - so make sure you read the fine print before you book!

If you'd like to incorporate props into your mini session, we encourage you to email us prior to the date to discuss. Some props are more complicated than others and we want to make sure we can incorporate it into what we have planned for our time together (20 minutes goes awfully fast!).  Sometimes we choose locations (like Longwood Gardens) that do not allow props (like signs or balloons) - so it's always good to check with us first!

I had someone ask if they could bring their goat - if you have a pet goat, run a goat yoga class, make goat cheese, or own a goat farm than sure - that sounds like a super fun addition to your session (but only if they're house broken or you're prepped to clean up after your four-legged friend)!

I'm feeling a bit under the weather, can I still attend my session?

Click here to read our most up to date Covid-19 Policies that align with business guidelines and enforcement for the State of Pennsylvania.

No, and please be honest with us because your decision to attend under questionable health may effect the experience for others if our photography staff gets sick and we need to postpone future sessions. We're happy to accommodate a reschedule for another date in 2021 if it means keeping everyone safe and healthy. Our staff photographs many milestone events and will become unavailable if our staff needs to self quarantine - please don't put someone's "once-in-a-lifetime" event in jeopardy.

Do I have to purchase anything beyond what is included? Or can I just come to my session for the experience?

There is no product purchase requirement beyond your initial fee.

Post session, you may always add additional digitals or products. We do offer an amazing line of wall art which is a perfect way to showcase a fantastic moment from your session.  After your initial experience investment, our wall art starts at $1.25 per square inch and our albums begin at $750. Some individuals spend $500 highlighting their portrait session in physical products, others spend $5,000, but the important thing to note is these heirloom products are made to last beyond your lifetime (for those future generations!) with their amazing craftsmanship and handmade beauty imported from Italy.

What happens if we're late to our time block?

Mini Session days move FAST! We've allotted a set amount of time for your time block and the next session is scheduled to start ten minutes after your session finishes. We recommend to arrive to our location 10-20 minutes early to make sure everyone is ready (and on time) for their session. Due to the tight schedule of all the sessions, if participants are late, we cannot extend their photo time. If you happen to be late, we will capture as much as we can within your allotted time.

Are mini sessions just for families?

Good golly gosh no! Mini sessions are great for anyone who wants to document this moment in time! Mini sessions are usually pretty quick, so they are perfect to get a few updates portraits as well as get your holiday cards in order.

Some other session ideas include Class of 2021 / Seniors, couples (married, dating, or status: complicated), children, pets, weight loss journey, milestone announcements, wear-it-again Halloween costume, one year anniversary photos, best friends session, and more!

We kindly ask that you help keep each other healthy.  If you need to reschedule your reservation due to any health concerns, our policy for the 2021 season is quite flexible and we're happy to accommodate a future date for your session. Please reach out to us at cheers@foxandbrazen.com or 484-973-6145 with any questions.

are not experiencing any of the following symptoms of COVID-19 identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at CDC.gov, including:
Fever or chills
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Muscle or body aches
New loss of taste or smell
Sore throat
Congestion or runny nose
Nausea or vomiting
have not been in contact with someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 symptoms without completing a 14-day quarantine
are not under any self-quarantine orders

2020 (and now 2021) has certainly forced us to to find new ways to create magical moments — and our 2021 goal is to keep everyone safe while delivering some kick-ass photography.

​Everyone who enters our storefront are required to wear masks as an enhanced safety measure. Mask can be removed while on the set for those being photographed and it is encouraged you and your loved ones wear a mask during your entire visit to our studio. All FaB team member will be wearing masks or face coverings during the entire experience.

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and Guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. 

By visiting our studio you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. 

By entering our studio, you are confirming that you and all persons in your party:

Please read most current mask (2021) policy by clicking here



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