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Headshots & BUsiness Branding

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Studio Headshot Session
This type of session is designed to capture polished, modern posed portraits of you in a studio setting on a white, gray or black backdrop. We recommend to bring three outfits - business attire, business casual, and casual.

Outdoor Headshot Session
This type of session is designed to capture a fresh natural feel to your posed portraits of you outdoors against different backgrounds. We recommend to bring three outfits - business attire, business casual, and casual.

Business Lifestyle Session
This type of session is designed to capture posed candid photos of you in your element. Fox & Brazen will help setup photo opportunities in great light and then let the moments unfold.

Fox & Brazen's
Headshot Experience

Headshot Portraits

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them,

Fox & Brazen can advise which Headshot Photography Collection will be the most suitable to capture your vision. Check out the types of photography we can incorporate into our time together.

Our goal is to finesse your expression, pose, attire, and camera connection to achieve the most perfect headshot to represent your business or personal brand - all while capturing the essence of your personality.

Did you know that it is industry standard to update your headshot every one to two years... or every time your look changes? In this ever changing world, your headshot is the new handshake and separates the professionals from the amateurs. What does your current headshot say about you?

walt disney

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Before you leave our studio (or soon after online) you'll select your final headshots from the lightly retouched images in the online gallery. Once selected, we'll do a final retouch on the images and send the link for a digital download.

Step 3

Enjoy a completely personalized and private visit to our studio in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.
Select the perfect backdrop(s) to represent you and your brand! We'll take care of posing you and coaching your expression.

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Click the button below to book your appointment online! Check our our online scheduling system for availability. We have a limited number of sessions available per week. 

Appointments only. No lines. No waiting.

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Corporate Headshots, Business Headshots, Business Branding

How to Book

Experience a personalized session in our downtown Phoenixville studio space. Our dreamy 14 foot ceilings in our historic building on Bridge Street provide an extraordinary space to create and be pampered in the hustle and bustle of the day. Spoil yourself with a trip to our local piece of paradise.

2020 (and now 2021) have thrown us a few curve balls, but we're happy to be open and thriving! Your health and safety are our utmost priority during your visit (as well as creating some kickass branding photos!). All sessions are by appointment only and we have a stringent cleaning policy between appointments. Only one client (or family unit) is allowed in the studio at a time. Our spacious studio allows for plenty of distance between you and your photographer. Everything touched is wiped or spritzed down with sanitizer and disinfectant between sessions. Our FaB team will be wearing a mask during your entire visit. We make use of telephoto lenses to capture your photos from a safe distance - your photographer will be approximately 15-30 feet away while taking photos during your session.

Our Phoenixville photography studio is conveniently located about 25 miles outside of Philadelphia in Chester county. Phoenixville has an exit right off the Pennsylvania turnpike and is a hop, skip, and a jump from Valley Forge National Historical Park and the King of Prussia Mall. Our amazing small town vibe makes it perfect for a quick stop for your session or an extended afternoon outing to spend the day in our small business community.

Welcome to our little piece of paradise in downtown Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. Our spacious studio is 1350 square feet of open photography space to create the perfect environment for your headshot experience.




Studio Headshot Experience

Studio & Phoenixville

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Design your Own Headshot Experience!

Encore Collection

Starting at $175

Add On:
Unlimited studio time 
Unlimited looks, colors, backdrops & wardrobes 
EXACT number of digital files to convey your brand
Hair & Makeup or Beauty Services

Choose an a-la-carte experience allows you to be the boss of your headshot experience. Add-ons include studio time, backdrops, digital files, hair and makeup, on location concierge service, wall art, and more!

Take control of your image and experience. Design your own headshot experience and walkaway with EXACTLY what you need for success in your genre!

Book Now!

Includes Professional Hair & Makeup or barber services for one person

Inside our Studio - waist up
Inside our Studio - full length
Inside our Studio - infinity
Outside on Bridge Street 

Choose as many setup options as you prefer:

"As-Long-As-Needed" Photography Experience

Includes 10 Retouched Digital Files with Commercial Use License


Influencer Collection

Book Now!

Professional hair & makeup NOT included

Client MUST come camera ready

Inside our Studio - waist up
Inside our Studio - full length
Inside our Studio - infinity
Outside on Bridge Street

Choose three setup options:

Approximately a 90 Minute Experience

Includes 5 Retouched Digital Files with Commercial Use License


Elevation Collection

Book Now!

Professional hair & makeup NOT included

Client MUST come camera ready

Inside our Studio - waist up
Outside on Bridge Street

Choose one option:

Approximately a 30 Minute Experience

Includes 2 Retouched Digital Files with Commercial Use License


Callback Collection

The Callback, Elevation, and Influencer Collections include photography studio time, digitals, and the most popular options in our headshot experiences. Add-on's available of course to individualize the experience, but these collections are designed to be all inclusive!

Pre-designed Collections


Indoor Waist Up

Indoor Full Length

On Location

Headshot BackgroundS & Branding

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The "waist up" look is what most people think of when the idea of headshots comes to mind. This style of portrait is ideal for most applications (email signatures, websites, social media, etc). This style of headshot is focused on your face and expression and is traditionally quite formal.

This headshot setup typically is photographed vertically from the waist up (but sometimes mid-chest or sometimes "gun slinger" crop - aka just below the pockets) or horizontally to just capture the face and shoulders.

traditional • MULTI-FACETED • professional

Waist Up


Traditional Backdrop Options:
White, Grey, Black

"Wildcard" Backdrop Options:
Black Hex, Green, Black Velvet, a colored Gelled Flash to achieve a variety of backdrop colors

Your pose, outfit, and styling can give people a general idea of your personality before they meet you - this is why it's great to have a handful of different headshot options depending on the purpose of the image.

Outdoor headshots tend to make use of a more natural ambient light which gives them a fresh and more modern flair compared with traditional headshots in a studio setting.

Modern • Fresh • approachable



Outdoor Backdrop Options:
Backdrops will be textures and the ambiance of Phoenixville (small town USA) - some of the backdrops we explore include brick, concrete, nature, walking paths, steps, vines, murals, etc

Infinity Full Length:
Traditional Black or White

Full Length with Wood Floor:
Red & Black Damask, SoHo Ivory brick, Broadway bleached brick, sparkly black or silver or gold or pink, and more

Our full length options tend to sway more toward the portrait side of headshots. This style of imagery tends to capture your personality and tell a story. They also can involve props & instruments for storytelling. Once setup, any of our full length setups can also feature waist up headshots as well. 

These are a perfect add-on to our traditional headshots to use on your social media, dating profiles, or in a professional environment where your personality and hobbies are meant to shine. This style of headshots are also ideal for personal branding and self promotion.

out of the box • personality • influencer

Full Length


"On Location" can be everything from photographing lifestyle images in your workspace, or bringing our portable waist up studio to your office for your connivence.

The styling of an on location experience can be designed to capture posed candid photos of you in your element. Fox & Brazen will help setup photo opportunities in great light and then let the moments unfold to help separate your brand from the pack.

This type of shoot can be an excellent story telling piece to your brand - it can really let your clients into your world and showcase your best attributes.

Convenience • On Brand • INFLUENCER

On Location


Color Correction • PhotosHop Magic • Cropping • Lifetime of Knowledge

Before & After

Hover over each image to see the after and before!

Headshot Experience FAQs

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What can I use my headshot for?

Our headshot sessions are perfect for glitzing up your LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile, your vender page on professional websites, inside your book cover, marketing and promotional materials, dating websites, speaker platforms and applications, email signatures, obituary (well that got dark), Twitter profile, YouTube profile, Google profile, Zoom profile, billboard advertising, and the list goes on...

Your headshot session will include a commercial use license allowing you to use your purchased images for self promotion (e.g. print, presentations, social media platforms, etc).

Do you recommend hair and makeup?

Short Answer: Yes.
Long Answer: Yes. Professional hair and makeup will enhance your best features as well as give you more confidence in front of the camera. A great makeup artist will analyze your face to create a look that is fresh, polished, and flattering - this will help downplay any blemishes or discoloration and bring out the twinkle in your eyes. One of the best parts of a professional makeup artist is they have knowledge in prepping your face for the bright flashes we use to create a professional portrait.

You are of course welcome to do your own hair and makeup for your session, but please keep in mind, your normal make up routine may not look the way you expect under professional photography lights. We work with some of the industries best hair and makeup professional!  When booking your session, make sure to select the hair and makeup add on.

So I NEVER wear makeup - do I really need professional hair and makeup? (here's lookin' at you gentlemen)

Short Answer: Yes.
Long Answer: Yes. male or female, anyone can benefit from a little powder and/or hair smoothing. Essentially this will help you look rested and healthy for your headshots which is a key element added into a confident portrait. And while I leave the exact makeup tricks up to the professionals, it may be as simple as some moisturizer and light powder, but the results can take 10 years off your age or 10 pounds off your shoulders! Let's be real - all models, news anchors, and movie stars have their makeup done prior to stepping in front of the camera!

Though you are welcome to tackle makeup application on your own, if you've never worn makeup before, we strongly recommend hiring a professional who has a portfolio with many different faces and has previous work in a media/news environment.

What should I wear for my headshots?

Once your headshot is booked on our calendar, we'll email you a few more recommendations for selecting the perfect wardrobe.

Dress from head to toe (so yes, bring THOSE shoes and skip the ratty tennis sneakers)
Choose options that convey a professional tone that represents your brand or industry
Try on all clothing options prior to coming to the studio - clothing should be fitted for your body type and not be too lose or too tight
Ensure that clothing is clean and pressed - wrinkles cannot be photoshopped
Solid tones are typically best for a professional headshot - but ultimately we suggest you dress to represent your personality, brand, and personal style. So while we recommend leaving the crazy/busy patterned clothing at home, it never hurts to bring a wildcard option.



You will potentially be photographed from HEAD to TOE to the TIPS OF YOUR FINGERS - so every bit of your outfit(s) and appearance is important. Our clients may be standing, moving, and sitting throughout the session, it is important to take into consideration everything you are wearing.

Please feel free to bring multiple outfits to choose from - multiple outfit options can help enhance different poses as well as be featured on different styles of backdrops to give you the best selection of images to choose from by the end of our time together. A well thought out headshot will most certainly give you the best competitive edge and help to make a positive first impression so you can make great leeway towards your goals!

Here are some general tips and tricks for selecting your headshot wardrobe:

Which size session is the one for me?

Great question! We'll ultimately need to know your "end" goal to give the best advice.

Most clients looking for just an "annual update" for their business persona usually find themselves more than content with the Callback Collection. This will give you a handful of options for a quick refresh to your look.

If you have bigger plans in mind, the Influencer Collection is perfect for giving plenty of options to choose from for a website re-do or branding update. The Influencer Collection is also great for those who use social media in their business advertising - we can do many different poses and emotions for you to incorporate for your branding!

So you're a wiz at photoshop, right? Can you use that magic technology to make me look 15 years younger?

A great pose, kick-ass lighting, a tailored outfit, and fantastic hair and makeup will help make you look healthy and well rested - which is the first step to looking 15 years younger in a headshot. And as much as we are a wiz in photoshop techniques, extensive photoshop on your headshots just makes you look like you're trying to cover something up.

Our goal is to provide you with a fantastic experience resulting in a portrait that accurately represents you on one of your best days. Your final headshots should be authentically you.

Tell me about your retouching.

All our headshot and portrait retouching is done in-house by Jen.

All final purchased headshots will be cropped, color-corrected, and lightly retouched. This light retouching includes us working from top to bottom on your images. Though every client and session is unique, generally we remove rogue stray hairs, whiten teeth, fix temporary blemishes (think pimples, razor burn, or marks that typically disappear after a few days), give skin a healthy glow, and enhance eyes. If any photographing gear used to light your portraits is visible in your proofs (light stands, reflectors, etc) these will also be removed.

Our general retouching does not include fixing wrinkles or ill-fitted clothing, removing logos, adding digital makeup or digitally adjusting hair styles, distorting natural features or digital body sculpting, removing under layer garment indentations or marks, or background replacement.

Again, our goal for your headshots is to present you with portraits that are authentically you.

Can I bring my dog? Or props? What about a goat?

We never say no to having you bring your doggo to our studio - especially if your furry friend is part of your brand or the image you're trying to convey!

We also encourage you to bring any props that may help convey the message you're trying to enhance or deliver with your new headshots. We will take many traditional poses without the assistance of props, but you may find some of your favorite images will include "something else." For example - if you're a makeup artist you might bring some of your brushes and a fancy palette (or two). If you're a photographer, you might bring a camera and a lens or a picture frame. If you're a real estate agent, maybe you'll bring along a key or a "SOLD!" sign for a few shots.

I had someone ask if they could bring their goat - if you have a pet goat, run a goat yoga class, make goat cheese, or own a goat farm than sure - that sounds like a super fun addition to your session (but only if they're house broken or you're prepped to clean up after your four-legged friend)!

I'm feeling a bit under the weather, can I still attend my session?

Click here to read our most up to date Covid-19 Policies that align with business guidelines and enforcement for the State of Pennsylvania.

No, and please be honest with us because your decision to attend under questionable health may effect the experience for others if our photography staff gets sick and we need to postpone future sessions. We're happy to accommodate a reschedule for another date in 2021 if it means keeping everyone safe and healthy. Our staff photographs many milestone events and will become unavailable if our staff needs to self quarantine - please don't put someone's "once-in-a-lifetime" event in jeopardy.

Do I have to purchase anything beyond what is included? Or can I just come to your studio for the experience?

There is no product purchase requirement beyond your initial fee.

Post session, you may always add additional digitals or products. We do offer an amazing line of wall art which can be used to display employee headshots or a fantastic moment from your session.  After your initial experience investment, our wall art starts at $1.25 per square inch and our albums begin at $750. Some individuals spend $500 highlighting their headshots or branding images in physical products, others spend $5,000, but the important thing to note is these heirloom products will separate you from the pack of your competitors with their amazing craftsmanship and handmade beauty imported from Italy.

How is this different than DIY headshots or having my friend take them?

We understand the DIY trend is fierce, but unless you or your friend is proficient in posing, lighting, and retouching, we can guarantee we're going to give you a better experience and a better final product (cocky I know, but we are passionate about what we do).

Our sessions are more than just ending up with a snapshot to upload to websites. We believe you are worth more than just a snapshot, and you are worth the experience of being gussied up, posed, and fussed over. Your experience at our studio will ultimately give you a headshot expressing a version of yourself that is the best you can be.

We are experts at capturing different lighting, poses, emotions and ensuring when your headshot experience comes to an end at our studio, you will have plenty of options for all of your social media (and work) sites - your dating profile photo should be different than your LinkedIn profile headshot. Our job is to take and deliver amazing photos - your job is to resist purchasing all of them.

If you ultimately have gotten this far on the website searching for tips and tricks to DIY this yourself - please just remember to leave off the filter that makes your skin look like a plastic nightmare - that's not flattering on anyone.

You do headshots and business branding for the greater Philadelphia area?

Yes! We mainly serve small businesses and individuals in the greater Philadelphia area. It is one of our greatest joys to empower 

Good news! Our photographers and photography collections do travel! We're always up for a road trip or catching a flight where ever Southwest Airlines flies. Drop us an email for more info about traveling to your destination!

We kindly ask that you help keep each other healthy.  If you need to reschedule your reservation due to any health concerns, our policy for the 2021 season is quite flexible and we're happy to accommodate a future date for your session. Please reach out to us at or 484-973-6145 with any questions.

are not experiencing any of the following symptoms of COVID-19 identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at, including:
Fever or chills
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Muscle or body aches
New loss of taste or smell
Sore throat
Congestion or runny nose
Nausea or vomiting
have not been in contact with someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 symptoms without completing a 14-day quarantine
are not under any self-quarantine orders

2020 (and now 2021) has certainly forced us to to find new ways to create magical moments — and our 2021 goal is to keep everyone safe while delivering some kick-ass photography.

​Everyone who enters our storefront are required to wear masks as an enhanced safety measure. Mask can be removed while on the set for those being photographed and it is encouraged you and your loved ones wear a mask during your entire visit to our studio. All FaB team member will be wearing masks or face coverings during the entire experience.

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and Guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. 

By visiting our studio you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. 

By entering our studio, you are confirming that you and all persons in your party:

Please read most current mask (2021) policy by clicking here



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