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Jen & Travis are available for worldwide speaking engagements to further the education of the professional photography, fellow creatives creatives, and the wedding community.


A Husband and Wife Photography Team

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Meet Jen & Travis

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Jen started in the photography industry when newspapers still took daily images on film and self developed in a darkroom. She completed her BFA in Film and Animation from RIT in 2008 and opened her first photography studio in 2011. In 2019, Jen was awarded her Associate Photographer Designation from WPPI. She enjoys empowering women in the photography and wedding industry as well as enthusiastically embracing technical challenges in the field and behind the computer. Jen's favorite wanderlust adventure to date is Hawaii.

Lightroom, Personal Branding, Lighting

Favorite Speaking Topics:

✈️ Travels Nationally from Philadelphia, PA, USA
✈️ Travels Internationally from PHL, EWR, BWI or JFK

Wanderlust spirit

Jen Stitt

Travis has always loved business, processes, and organizations since he was little. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Master of Engineering in Software Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, Travis loves where art, science, and business come together. Combining his 15+ years of corporate business leadership with his passion for small business, Travis enjoys helping creatives grow their businesses and reaching their goals.

Business, Customer Experience, Computer Tech

Favorite Speaking Topics:

✈️ Travels Nationally from Philadelphia, PA, USA
✈️ Travels Internationally from PHL, EWR, BWI or JFK


Travis Stitt

Jen and Travis met working at RIT in 2004, started dating in 2006, married in 2009, and in 2020 renewed their wedding vows. They opened their first photography studio in 2011 and successfully rebranded in 2019. They adore sharing the stage and educating across genres but specifically love to teach about raising the bar in the small business world by striving for a work/life balance.

Business, Working with your Spouse, Posing, Incorporating Dogs in Photography

Favorite Speaking Topics:

✈️ Travels Nationally from Philadelphia, PA, USA | Southwest Airlines Companion Pass
✈️ Travels Internationally from PHL, EWR, BWI or JFK

Team Stitt

Jen & Travis

Often people don't tackle subjects which would help their business for they feel they are too complex or they might not understand.  We take these large concepts and break them down into bite size pieces showing creatives how to deconstruct topics to help drive their business.

Deconstructing the Complex Carbs

It's a fact that some topics are a bit dry, however we lighten the mood through adding our own flavor to the mix to our fun and over the top example scenarios. Our goal is to keep people engaged (and just a hint of a smile) throughout the entire class while we're dropping knowledge bombs... and bad Dad jokes... sometimes.

Making 'em Laugh

There is always more than one approach to every situation.  We like to show the pros/cons and multifaceted approaches to concepts/situation to help creatives determine the right path for them.

Keeping it for 'Real Reals'

Besides our delightful witty banter, our approach to teaching is based on, and known for, three main approaches:

Real • Genuine • Banter

How we Approach SPeaking



Hands On Photography

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Ready to GO Speaking TOpics

Whether you're just getting started in the photography, wedding business, or working with your spouse, we're available to help you hit the ground running!

Yep! We're excited to help get your brand aligned with your perfect clients! Let's reach for the stars together! Email us to get started!




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Our creativity and vision can only go so far without the tools of our trade. We choose to be brand loyal when we connect with a company that believes in the same quality and values that we do!

Tools of Our Photo Trade

Philadelphia • est 2011 • Worldwide

"I think my heart grew three sizes watching Travis on stage talking about his Dad. It was an emotionally charged topic for him and had strict parameters to pull it off!"


"An ignite is a type of event in which presenters are given 5 minutes to talk about a subject in just 20 slides. Each slide is shown for only 15 seconds before the slideshow is automatically advanced. It’s a rapid fire of learning and inspiration that has the motto: 'Enlighten us, but make it quick!'"

Las Vegas 2016

Photographers Ignite


Nikki & Ryan

"We had seen Jen and Travis at work during a mutual friend's wedding, and really liked their approach. They were not overbearing or demanding, but rather let the scenes naturally unfold and worked to capture the pictures based on what was occurring through innate progression. They give the couple as much room as they need to enjoy their day, while roping them in as needed to ensure that every desired detail is captured."


In their Home

Nikki & Ryan

"I knew from the minute we started planning that my "big spend" would be on our photography, and I could not be happier with the decision to hire Jen & Travis! "

Bella Vista Golf Club

Garden Party

Nikki & Ryan

"I think the moment that epitomizes Ryan and I the most was during the sand ceremony. I was attempting to pour PERFECTLY so that not one piece of sand was dropped out of the cylinder, and he pretty much dumped it all over the place, with most of it landing around the glass instead of inside! Typically something so messy would throw my "A-type" personality into a tizzy, but it made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to pee myself. We love looking back on that particular scene and discussing how differently we approach things, as well as balance each other out. "


Turks & Caicos

Nikki & Ryan

"When you move from fiance, to wife, to family of four in a short span of five years, it is so nice to know you have photographers who became family to call onin the chaotic moments and help you capture the memories that are being made far too fast."

Family of Four


Nikki & Ryan

"My favorite part of parenting is watching them become people, including those crazy personalities."

Family of Four


Proud Moments

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