Our style of photography can be divided into two categories - posed and unposed. Whichever you prefer, we'd love to capture it! We enjoy making memories for old and new families and capturing life as it happens.

We create heirloom images to tell your story because we believe that marriage is just the beginning of the story - we've been married for over 12 years and we've done a ton of living since we got married!

Our photography collections are specifically designed to highlight your relationships as your adventure unfolds! From adding two feet to four feet or the new baby scents and puppy breathe moments. We can also create the most professional headshot when you're ready to get a leg up on the competition and capture your brand. Life happens in the most magical ways and creative photos are the most special way to document the journey to share with future generations.

If you're ready and you're interested in having us photograph your event or your loved ones, send up some flares or send us a message!

We specialize in boldly elegant photography across multiple genres, but our favorite moment of any photography experience is the point when you see your images for the very first time. Taking a photograph and immortalizing it into one of our heirloom products is an exceptional experience and will be cherished by generations to come.

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“Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.”

Love, Life, & Studio Portraits

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Inside each set of our hand crafted Collections, we encourage you to make your photography session completely your own by adding in your dog, hobbies, or your unique spice of life.

Weddings have a staple of the Fox & Brazen brand since 2011. In 2019, we were happy to launch our portrait collections. In 2020, we opened our storefront studio location in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. From posed newborn photos, to in-home lifestyle portraits of the family, we also specialize in business headshots and capturing seniors at the peek of their high school experience. We add a boldly elegant vibe to our style of imagery.

Information about Studio,
Wedding, & Lifestyle Photography

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177 Bridge Street, Phoenixville PA

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Doc & Marty must have thrown this one in here. Anyway, research has shown that dog lovers typically favor companionship and tend to be more energetic, positive, and outgoing. What does this have to do with choosing your photographer? Very little, but Fox & Brazen Photography does specialize in incorporating your doggo into your photos. We're a dog friendly studio and we LOVE meeting new four-legged friends!

Must love dogs

Investment is more than just dollar signs. Investment includes the time spent into getting to know you, your family, and your quirky story. Fox & Brazen Photography can be with you every step of your unique journey. Now, getting back to the dollar signs. You want to invest into a product that captures your personality and this moment in a timeless way. Our goal is to create photos that outlive all of us so your grandchildren and great grandchildren can see your story and history.


We're a husband and wife photo team with a knack for connecting with our subjects. Our photography collections are specifically designed to highlight your relationships as your adventure unfolds! We strongly believe in the power of print and giving a physical life to your images beyond the digital file. Life happens in the most magical ways and creative photos are the most special way to document the journey to share with future generations.

Coverage & Collections

We shoot two main styles of images - very bold, wow, amazing images and very intimate, soft, lovey images.  Your photographers at Fox & Brazen (Jen and Travis) have been honing their craft since 2004 with Jen's job in the newspaper photojournalism biz.  All our editing is done in-house and we don't just "slap a filter" on our photos. Each file is individually color corrected, cropped, and photoshop retouched (if needed) before final delivery.


Probably the most important aspect of connecting with a photography studio is personality. You want your photographers' personalities to mesh with yours and at the same time, you want to make sure they are pro's at making your personality shine during your photo sessions. Sometimes we're a little zany and loud while other times we're quiet and introspective. Whichever personality suites you - hang out and learn some more about us and our passion for photography.


I can freeze time. What's your super power?

how to choose the right Photography studio for you and your loved ones

doggos & photography

We've done a lot of research on dog body language and how to read their signs and reactions. We've grown in our own relationship by adopting dogs into our family (even before we got married!) so we appreciate how important your doggos are to your life and love!

We love to give them scritch scrotch behind their ears and bellies and boop the snoots and we adore all your fluffers, woofers, and pupperinos. We're also pros at posing you hoomans as a couple while getting some kick-ass photos with your furry side-kicks.



One word.

Okay, so it's a bit more than JUST patience. We've also got

Jen & Travis, why are you so good with dogs?

Photography Collection Investment & Pricing

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Mini Sessions

We are creating a product and a photograph that will outlive us all. No matter your vision, we have a fun, knowledgable, and creative approach to our photography style - we're known for being perfectionists as well as bold and elegant.  Click your desired photography genre to learn more about our collections and pricing.

Photography Collection Investment & Pricing





“Laughter is timeless,
imagination has no age,
dreams are forever.”
 -Walt Disney






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Santa Experience

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You have booked and trusted us to create some beautiful images of this most important time in your life. With this in mind, we want to guide you into selecting heirloom products that feature your favorite and most memorable images from your session. All our offerings are rooted in a fine art flair and are designed to last you a lifetime.

Our favorite fine art product is our heirloom albums. Our goal is to tell a story from your session and create an album that you, your family and your friends will enjoy for years. In fact, it will be passed from generation to generation. Treat yourself to telling your story in this luxurious fashion with one of our stunning Italian Leather Storybooks.

We're also full of pride to offer our Wall Art Collections. Our Wall Art is boastful of elegance of finely crafted furniture, combined with the highest print quality in the world - this will transform your home into an authentic art gallery displaying your most precious memories! Your wall art can be purchased in canvas, metal, or an acrylic finish. From precise color management, to cutting edge technology, the quality of this art is incredible - your future grandchildren will be thankful you invested in such beautiful artwork for their generation to enjoy.

Albums • Wall Art • Heirloom Products

Ah-Maz-ing Heirloom Treasures

Starting at ....... $125

HeirlooM Products

Starting at ....... $400

Wall Art
(Canvas, Metal, Acrylic)

Starting at ....... $750

Heirloom albums

we are crafting a product that will outlive us all.

Make every photograph like it's the one you will be remembered for.

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Mini Sessions

Booking is super simple! Click your desired genre of photography  to go to our online booking page or to put in an inquiry. We're so happy you've made the decision to invest in capturing beautiful memories and fierce portraits! No matter your vision, we have a fun, knowledgable, and creative approach to our photography style - we're known for being perfectionists as well as bold and elegant. We're excited to share our passion for love, life, doggos, and photography with you - we cannot wait to meet you!

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"Jen and Travis are simply the best! They have become our family photographers for everything now. we’re quite addicted. Very professional, kind people who love what they do. I’m always in awe of the photos they take and the way they capture my family. Worth every penny to have these beautiful memories to keep forever."

Color Correction • PhotosHop Magic • Cropping • Lifetime of Knowledge

Before & After

All photo finishing work is done in house by Jen. Every single delivered image from your event or session is adjusted using Adobe Lightroom and, if needed, your image is finished in Photoshop. 

Great photo finishing always starts with getting it right in camera

Hover over each image to see the after and before!

Fox & Brazen Photography FAQs

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How do I book a photography session or my wedding with you?

We book anywhere from 2 months to 24 months in advance for wedding coverage - so if you're ready and you're interested in having us photograph your event, send us a message asap! We only photograph one event per day, so when we're booked, we're booked! We strongly recommend with ANY date bound vender that you love to snatch them up quickly and lock it in with a contract. It's $750 to lock in your wedding date with us and this retainer is put towards your final wedding photography collection balance.

A few of our portrait services are able to book online - Mini Sessions, Headshots, Santa Experience Sessions, and Newborn Sessions. Our portrait sessions we book anywhere from 7 days to 9 months in advance - questions about specific sessions can be answered via our contact page. There is a date hold retainer required to put your session on the calendar with the final balance due prior to the session. We only photograph one event per day, so when we're booked, we're booked! 

What kind of photography equipment do you use?

We truly believe a great photo is created with whatever camera you have in your hands - but if you're interested in the nerdy side of camera gear, we're avid Canon photographers and use mostly Profoto strobes. All our gear is carried in ThinkTank bags. We pride ourselves on being seekers of light whether it's finding the light or creating it and making use of every style of lighting we can use to capture an image.

Jen's go-to lens for signature photos is the EF 11-24mm f4.0 (nicknamed "Gary")  and Travis' favorite lens is the EF 200mm f2.0 from Canon (whom we lovingly refer to as "Bertha").

How do I get to your photography studio in Phoenixville?

The address for our studio is 177 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460. Parking in Phoenixville is super easy!

 Monday through Saturday there is free 2 hour street parking available all along Bridge Street and Main Street. There are also metered parking lots available for $1 per hour (or $.25 per 15 minutes) - the closest lots to our studio are Lot 2 (Main & Bridge) and Lot 3 (Mill Street). From either of the parking lots mentioned about, our studio is less than a 5 minute walk.

Do you travel for photography sessions or destination weddings?

Oh. My. Gosh. Destination sessions are some of our absolute FAVORITE!!! Put us on a plane stat!

Have passports will travel.

How far will we travel? Where do you want to go? Our portfolio includes destinations in Italy, Iceland, Hawaii, Mexico and the islands. There is a world out there to explore and we're ready to take this adventure with you!

If you prefer to stay a bit more local - some of the greatest destinations are right in our backyard. From our home city of Philadelphia to New York and Baltimore - we're happy to accommodate our clients with our adventurous spirit.

Do you provide retouching, color adjustment, or other corrective services?

All the photos delivered from your portrait session will be color corrected and cropped. For the main subject(s), we can remove any temporary blemishes (marks that typically disappear within two weeks like pimples or shaving cuts) and anything that is printed in our heirloom products we do a deep dive into retouching for a more extensive photo finishing. Check out some of our before and after images for some editing magic! All our editing is done in-house by Jen.

Can you teach me how to take photos?

We'd LOVE to help you discover your inner photographer! Email us or put in a general inquiry to let us know what you're interested in learning from us!

What kind of events do you shoot?

Our bread and butter is weddings and portrait sessions. Our wedding collections include local greater Philadelphia area event coverage as well as destination wedding event coverage. Our portrait sessions include families, babies, mini sessions, Santa, headshots, dogs - well, you name it we'd love to capture it!

Other style events (christening, bar mitzvahs, engagement parties, surprise proposals, etc etc) are done on a case by case basis if we have availability in our schedule. You can put in a general inquiry using this form here!

Are you insured?

We are insured! We carry a standard $2 million liability policy along with full equipment coverage. If your venue needs a proof of insurance, please let us know and we will send over our certificate.

Are you a "natural light photographer"?

Yes... and no (at the same time).

We use whatever lighting is necessary to capture your moments, emotion, and locations and sometimes natural light does not lend itself to capturing the moment at hand (hello bride in white dress at the top of the Art Museum steps at 12:00pm in the dead of summer).

Yes, if the light is stunning wonderfully creamy, dreaming, and delicious... then we just simply pose you, insert emotion, and click away.

This particular lighting scenario happens to be somewhat rare in Pennsylvania and this lingo became super popular with West Coast lighting scenarios. So, being the prepared photographers we are, we travel  to your event with no less than 2-3 supplemental lighting options in case Mr. Sunshine is not cooperating with the vision we are set out to document.  

How much coffee do you drink a year?

We probably consume at least 1500 shots of espresso in a single year. Our coffee bean grinder certainly gets a workout.


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