We love holding hands and working in the same office together, but more importantly, we love taking life "by the horns." We love savoring the little victories/moments in life while enjoying the company of friends and family.

We love adventure, traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing everything life has to offer. Our biggest adventure so far has been marriage - though we truly believe it's just the beginning of our story - we have a whole lifetime ahead.

What does this have to do with our photography services? We think it has EVERYTHING to do with it! We believe in the power of print and capturing the "little" things as well as infusing our images with the emotions of the moment.

the power of creating something special

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Mini Sessions

We are creating a product and a photograph that will outlive us all. No matter your vision, we have a fun, knowledgable, and creative approach to our photography style - we're known for being perfectionists as well as bold and elegant.  Click your desired photography genre to visit the individual page to learn more about what is offered with our variety of services. 

Photography services





“Open different doors, you may find a you there that you never knew was yours. Anything can happen.”
 -mary poppins






mini sessions


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Photography educators

Our photography community grows when we share information and knowledge. We're so honored to have been taught by so many icons in our field and we're proud to step into the roles of educator and teachers to pass the information we know onto the next generation of photographers.

Jen and Travis are available for national and international speaking and teaching opportunities on a variety of topics, skill demos, and inspirational.


"Jen and Travis are amazing humans who also happen to exceed all expectations around photography. We have used them over the last 8 years (WOW) since our engagement. Their wedding photos were so incredible and worth every.single.penny. They have such a talent for getting the "right" shot. You will not find a more patient team who goes the extra mile to make sure you have exactly what you want and need."

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