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Five Ways to Nail your Mini Session Outfits

March 15, 2021

Five Ways to Nail your Mini Session Outfits

Mini Session


Let’s cover a few wardrobe tips and tricks for your mini session! These are some simple guidelines that will help you nail your outfit choices no matter whom is joining you at your session and no matter the season.

1. Remember, you’re worth it.

Splurge on the hair and makeup.  Buy the new pair of pants. Coordinate the outfits. Wear THOSE shoes. Yep, even for a quick 20 minute mini session.

These images are going to last a lifetime as artwork in your home, you want to look and feel the best you can be! These memories will also be a documentation of events happening this year – of course when you pull these photos out of the hatbox in twenty years you want your grandkids to exclaim, “dang Grandma, you look great!” (we will also accept, “dang, Grandma was hot!”)

Well dressed family standing on 
Phoenixville bridge in well coordinated outfits

2. Dress for the mini session season

What do they say about weather in Pennsylvania? Sometimes it’s warm, sometimes it’s cold – when you leave for work pack hat, glove, shorts, rain jacket, flip-flops, and the fur lined boots… you catch my drift. Most adults don’t have a problem soldiering through weather that is a bit uncomfortable, but for young kiddos, you may want to plan a duel layer option – if it’s cold, leave the outer layer on, if it’s warm, rock the short sleeves.

Also, outfits that fit and flatter everyone are super important to consider. Try to have everyone try their outfits on at least a week ahead of time. Seeing everyone in their outfits will also give to make sure they are clean and pressed prior to mini session day.

Oh, and dare to be a little extra bold with your choices!

Little boy giggles while being held by his parents during a photography session in Phoenixville

3. Accessories and props at your mini session

We do not have a ton of time to fuss over accessories or props during your mini session so there is absolutely no need to bring anything to your session besides you and your loved ones. BUT if there is a chance someone might not cooperate in front of the lens without a beloved stuffie or toy, try to bring something that will capture the ambiance you are trying to achieve with your outfits and images.

You can also use a prop and theme the entire mini session around that prop for some super fun, trendy, out-of-the-box photos.

A prop or accessory during a mini session can be as simple as showing off an engagement ring, a special truck or stuffie, or matching jackets.

FOR EXAMPLE: Christmas cards? Maybe bring a reindeer stuffie instead of Mickey Mouse or Paw Patrol.

Matching fraternity and Sorority jackets with engaged couple

4. Coordinate & compliment outfit options at your mini session

Firstly, stay away from the matchy-matchy (here’s looking at you blue jeans, plain sneakers, and white button shirts across the family).

Try choosing a color that you like, for example…. grey.
Everyone should dress in those shades.

Next add in a splash of color, for example… yellow.
Add a different yellow accessory to ALL of the grey outfits.

If you’re trying to highlight a specific person during the session, than add in one more tone, for example… teal. Only one person should have that special flair.

Big Family in Phoenixville at Mini Sessions

5. H to T

Head to Toe

Dress from head to toe.  Yes, your feet will be in your images, so you might as well skip the sneakers (unless they match the feel of your session) and wear something with a bit of pizazz.  Funky socks get an A+ too.

NOTE: this applies to our furry friends as well – make sure their collar and leash are clean and the styling matches your outfits!

Great Dane at photo session

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Family photo of family of three

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