July 10, 2019

Getting the Shot: Paige & Kevin’s Wedding At Brant Beach Yacht Club

Behind the Scenes


Lighting Test from Paige & Kevin’s May Wedding

Just a little lighting test from Paige and Kevin’s May Wedding. This is Sandy.

Lighting Test at Brant Beach Yacht Club

Used our Profoto B10’s to light the scene at Brant Beach Yacht Club. Travis is in the background working with Paige and Kevin (the newlyweds! Less than an hour married!) as I work on getting our lighting tweaked in with Sandy so the newlyweds can head back to their cocktail hour at Brant Beach Yacht Club. Sunset was absolutely insane this night. THis sky was awesome.

But this one was better! Had to snag the couple for 5 more minutes during the reception for this one. I think it was worth it!

Brant Beach Yacht Club Sunset

Lighting Test at Brant Beach Yacht Club

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