The Santa Experience: Christmas in July

July 25, 2022

The Santa Experience: Christmas in July

The Santa Experience


On July 24, we hosted a get together to bring the holiday spirit to Phoenixville. Santa made an early arrival to town to visit with some of his favorite friends for a Christmas in July party. This casual event was designed to be a low pressure event for kids of all ages to meet Santa with the hopes it will help make your holiday photos go a bit smoother when it comes time to sit down for our Santa Experience.

Santa stands next to a poster advertising a Christmas Party today.

It was a balmy almost 100 degrees in Phoenixville for our Christmas in July event, so we set the temperature in our photography studio to 60 degrees and let the air conditioning create a North Pole inspired temperature inside. Santa likes it nice and chilly!

Kids arrived to our Christmas in July event to see Santa sitting on the floor of our studio playing with giant dominos and tumbling tower blocks which soon turned into building toys to sculpt towers as tall as the kids themselves. Santa read some of his favorite holiday stories as well as read a few books his friends brought from their homes to share with him.

The building blocks became giant cars and ice cream sandwiches as Santa played pretend with his visitors. A giant connect four board done up in summery Christmas colors was also a major hit as when the pucks dropped into the board they made a very satisfying bang noise which gave some kiddos the cases of the giggles.

Rebecca, one of our most favorite Phoenixville K-12 Instructional Coaches (with a background in elementary and special education) was on hand for our Christmas in July party as well. She was disguised as one of Santa’s elves in case any parents needed some extra tips on how to help their shy kiddos make new friends or meet new people – specifically Santa! We know making new friends can sometimes be hard for your young ones and we want to make your holiday Santa Experience go as smoothly as possible!

courtesy of DiMaggio Family

“The day was the perfect way for kiddos young and old to interact with Santa at their comfort level. Seeing Santa in such a low pressure setting where they could play and see others interacting with Santa helps decrease those anxieties that can creep up when meeting new faces or making new friends – especially when looking for that magical holiday photo.”

— Rebecca Morgan, K-12 Instructional Coach & Honorary Elf

At our Christmas in July party, Santa’s new friends got to admire his beautiful handmade suit with all the elaborate details. Kids got to touch the soft white trim on his red coat as well as see the little silver and gold snowflake buttons on his cuffs. One of Santa’s returning visitors told us that he thinks EVERYONE with a white beard should be greeted with a, “ho ho ho,” no matter the season. He also thinks Santa MIGHT be friends with the Philadelphia Flyers mascot, Gritty. (Side note… would Gritty be on the naughty or nice list if he had an “in” with Santa?)

courtesy of @theleftychefty (the ultimate Gritty enthusiast)

The best part about this event was it was FREE and kids could interact with Santa at their own comfort level! Santa gave every family that attended a green envelope adorned with gold accents. Inside was an invitation to come back and visit with him this holiday season as well as a fill-in-the-blank Christmas wish list letter for each kid. There were a few more items in there for party guests, but that’s for them to know and for you to find out when you attend next year!

We reached out to Santa as he made his way back to the North Pole – traveling through Collegeville, King of Prussia, Malvern, West Chester, and Philadelphia on his way out of Pennsylvania – to get his thoughts on our Christmas in July event.

“I had an amazing time seeing everyone on July 24th for Christmas in July! I had so much fun playing games and seeing how much everyone had grown since last year. So far, everyone is on the good list and has been doing a great job spreading cheer throughout the year. I cannot wait to see my friends again at the end of this year at Fox and Brazen!”

— Santa, CEO of the North Pole

Lastly, photographer Jen was available to answer any specific questions about our Santa Experience. The Santa Experience officially goes live on November 13, 2022 when Santa arrives back to our Phoenixville studio. Christmas in July attendees got exclusive booking codes and access to the calendar a week before the dates open to the public. Ready to sign up for an experience? Bookings go live to the public on August 1, 2022 – use the code ‘AugustAnticipation’ for 10% off your booking for your Basic or Deluxe Santa Experience for the whole month of August!

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