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Three Reasons to Make an Autumn Mini Session Part of Your Traditions

September 30, 2021

Three Reasons to Make an Autumn Mini Session Part of Your Traditions

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As we round the bend into the final months of 2021, we’re sitting here hoping that all we’re left with is the memories for the last couple years! Remember two years ago when we were trying to find someone to take a photo of us on our porches from 20 feet away? Thank goodness we’ve stepped beyond that part of our lives. Ready to learn why an autumn mini session should be part of your family traditions?

1. Many Iconic Events Happen in the Autumn

How else will you formally capture the iconic “first-day-of-school” outfit? From dressing in your Easter best to pre-school/middle school/high school graduation to celebrating Mom or Dad on their special day… SO much happens in the spring every year.

You may also feel like you’re gearing up for holiday family photos – but an autumn mini session will give you a completely new opportunity to capture a unique side to your kiddos or relationships. Let your kids wear their first day of school outfit, their team jersey, or perhaps let them wear the costume they’re planning to showcase on Halloween. It’s a great way to feature some of the best parts of the personality of your family at this EXACT moment in time. (also, wouldn’t it be absolutely adorable to see your kiddo holding their brand new trumpet as they start music lessons this school year? A memory you can see… and you can add your own version of the song they’re playing in your head)

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2. Autumn is a Time for Families to Come Together

Scheduling an autumn mini session is a great way to get the ball rolling for the excitement of the holiday season. You know, that feeling we get when we’re excited to see our in-laws and eat a whole bunch of really delicious food? Autumn is a total channeling of the harvest season where people come together and celebrate.

Choose a non-traditional mini session pairing to gather together. The twenty minute blocks really allow you to celebrate the ins and outs of many relationships. We strongly suggest you book at least a double session – use the first 20 minutes for your nuclear family and then pull in the next 20 minutes for a session with you and your own mother, or your parents and your kiddos together. You can do something super fun like bringing the family dog and letting the kids have their turn for photos with their favorite pet. We always remember our first furry love.

Multi-generation photo of family dressed in black in front of red door

3. Autumn is Gorgeous

Autumn still has the most perfect crisp temperature and the best part about our autumn mini session 2021 dates (October 3 and November 13) is Bridge Street is closed to vehicular traffic to promote small business in Phoenixville – so we have run of the town with some really fun outdoor small-town-usa backdrops!

For the first time EVER we’re also offering a mini session date (October 1) at the iconic Longwood Gardens – one of the world’s greatest gardens. We’re so very lucky to live so close to such a lush and meticulous maintained gardens with architectural with so much grandeur. Every time I visit I feel like I’m stepping into another world.

Can’t get enough of mini sessions? Check out our 15 reasons why you should jump on the mini session bandwagon!

Two kids throw leaves in the air

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