two adults stand together and look at pregnant belly

Three Reasons to Make a Spring Mini Session Part of Your Traditions

April 6, 2021

Three Reasons to Make a Spring Mini Session Part of Your Traditions

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2021 is the perfect year to shake off the last two years of physical and mental dust. Remember how last year we were trying to find someone to take a photo of us on our porches from 20 feet away? Thank goodness for spring and new starts! Ready to learn why a spring mini session should be part of your family traditions?

1. Many Iconic Events Happen in the Spring

From dressing in your Easter best to pre-school/middle school/high school graduation to celebrating Mom or Dad on their special day… SO much happens in the spring every year.

You may feel like you “just did” holiday family photos – but a spring mini session will give you a completely new opportunity to capture a unique side to your kiddos or relationships. Let your kids wear their favorite outfit from the school year, their team jersey, or perhaps let them wear the costume they wore for their school play! It’s a great way to feature some of the best parts of the passing school year. (also, wouldn’t it be great to have some family photos where you aren’t wearing matchy-matchy footy pajamas?)

Girl in cap and gown walks down the middle of a street

2. Shake off the Winter Funk

Scheduling a spring mini session is a great way to shake off the winter funk. You know that feeling we get when we’ve been cooped up in the house with our loved ones for too long? Spring gives us total vibes of “rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth” (at least, according to Wikipedia).

A spring mini session is the best celebration for getting ready to kick off for summer fun. Right now activities are starting to wind down and you have control over everyone’s schedules. When summer hits all new activities and obligations (helloooooo beach days and camping by the lake!) start to pop up Memorial Day Weekend and don’t let up until after Labor Day.

Family of four stands together in matching outfits for photo session

3. Spring is Gorgeous

“April 25th — because it’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket!”. –Miss Congeniality

She’s not wrong.

April still has the most perfect crisp temperature and the best part about our spring mini session 2021 dates (April 17 and 18) is Bridge Street is closed to vehicular traffic to promote small business in Phoenixville – so we have run of the town with some really fun outdoor small-town-usa backdrops!

My favorite part about a spring mini session? The variety of backdrops around Phoenixville! Everything is turning green and we even get flowers and blossoms popping out here and there for photos.

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Can’t get enough of mini sessions? Check out our 15 reasons why you should jump on the mini session bandwagon!

two adults stand together and look at pregnant belly

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