Grandma Holding a Puppy

Bunny Purington – Remembering a Legend

July 10, 2019

Bunny Purington – Remembering a Legend

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Bunny Purington

My Grandmother passed away today. She was 92 years young. She was married 70 years to my Grandfather. She was my last living Grandparent.

Grandma Holding a Puppy

My intent with these notes are not to be sad, but it really hits home with how important our job is to capture memories for families. I’ve been searching through photos all morning to help find the best one for her obituary. You know, a photo that represents her life and captures that spark in her eyes. I like to think I inherited her no-nonsense get-it-done attitude.

Grandmother Holding a Puppy

Photo by Michael Hanlon from my Dad’s Celebration of Life in 2017

My Grandmother attended the first wedding that Travis and I photographed together. It was 2008 and my cousin Alison was marrying the love of her life in western Massachusetts. So we pulled together all the camera gear we owned and photographed our first wedding. Here is my cousin with both of her Grandparents at her wedding. This is a photo that doesn’t exist for many of us cousins from our weddings. My Grandmother didn’t often travel and stayed home at the farm for many occasions.

Bunny and Herbert at Alison’s wedding in 2008.

She is super special to me – without Grandparents, we wouldn’t have made it as far as we do in this lifetime. Her lessons will stick with me until I’m an old woman – I hope I’m blessed to enjoy as many years as she did on this earth. You never know what this life is going to hand you, but I know if it’s raining, I’m going to put on a pair of rubber boots and a slicker and help drain the rain away from the garden. I’m not sure a photo exists of this memory, but it was shared with me that on a rainy day when her garden was becoming overwhelmed with water, she put on a pair of rubber boots and headed out to help keep the water from drowning her plants. I think she was in her 80’s when this happened if my memory suits me correctly. If someone has this photo or finds it, please send it to me.

I haven’t seen too many photos from their wedding, just a posed one from the church and now this one. Cake cutting. My Grandmother always loved her sweets!

Original Photographer Unknown to me. Captured January 27, 1946

I will miss this beautiful woman.

Sitting in her favorite chair on her favorite porch. July 2018.


Grandma Holding a Puppy

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