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Four Tips and Tricks to Master Your Wardrobe During Your Photography Session

April 23, 2021

Four Tips and Tricks to Master Your Wardrobe During Your Photography Session

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Let’s cover a few wardrobe tips and tricks for your portrait session to master your wardrobe! These are some simple guidelines that will help you nail your look and outfit choices no matter if you’re a photo session professional or a bit nervous for your session.

So, in short, this blog we will discuss (in no particular order) your spectacles, testicles, wallet, and watch.

1. Watch | H to T.

What is H to T? It stands for Head to Toe.

Yes, your feet, your butt, your kneecaps (and certainly your fingernails) have the potential to be in your final images.

Proper hygiene and wrinkle-free clothing goes a long way to making your images pop.

So you might as well skip the ratty yard chores sneakers (unless they match the feel of your session… which in full realness… HAS happened during a styled session) and wear something with a bit of pizazz.  Funky socks get an A+ too.

This also applies to digital watch bands or exercise meters (because, let’s be real, the one that came with your device is kinda blah), hair ties on wrists, and those custom rubber power bracelets supporting your fundraiser. If it doesn’t ADD to your session then perhaps it should be left off your outfit choices.

NOTE: this applies to our furry friends as well – make sure their collar and leash are clean and the styling matches your outfits! It’s okay to have a “photo session” collar with no extra tags with their vaccinations showing.

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2. Wallet | Clean Out Your Pockets

Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Phones, keys, wallets, reading glasses. trinkets, and whatever else you normally cram into your pockets will most definitely be in your photos if you do not empty your pockets prior to the session.

What else have we found in the pockets over the years? Burp cloths, writing utensils, dog treats, beer caps, straws, and foreign money. Please remove this stuff from your pockets as well – we can see it lumping and bumping in your chest and crotch regions.

Did I just say I can see through your pants? 🤔

No, we do not have x-ray vision (but hey, that could be fun), but having items in your pockets changes the curves and swerves on your body and how the light cascades on your clothing drape across your body. This is a key step to master your wardrobe for your photo session.

NOTE: what do you do with your stuff? It is completely acceptable and normal to bring a tote bag or oversized purse with you to put all your loose items. If you’re comfortable with it, we can also put a few small items (i.e. cell phone and keys) in our camera bag for the duration of your session.

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3 Testicles/Breasticles | Proper Under Garments

Outfits that fit and flatter everyone are super important to consider. Try to have everyone try their outfits on at least a week ahead of time. Seeing everyone in their outfits will also give to make sure they are clean and pressed prior to your photography session.

What is key in having an outfit that fits and flatters? Proper under garments. Sometimes this means going a size up on your panties so they doesn’t pinch at the waist or hips. Lingerie straps on the shoulders or the band across the back should be not visible when fully dressed. Also, a nude fabric or color can be a safer option under white clothing then white.

In warmer seasons, this may mean gentlemen should wear an undershirt to help mask perspiration. It could also mean that if you’re a loose-fitting-boxer type, you may need to sport a more aerodynamic boxer-brief cut so we don’t see extra bunchy fabric under your pants.

NOTE: stores that specialize in under garments usually offer complimentary sizing and recommendations on the best items to fit and flatter. Take advantage of these services – it’s their job to make you look and feel your best.

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4. Spectacles | Attitude is EVERYTHING

Seriously, attitude is EVERYTHING. How many of us remember getting glasses (or braces) as a kid and going into your third grade classroom thinking, “oh gosh, I’m now going to be known as four-eyes…” whomp whomp. That’s a super defeatist attitude and remember how sad we were until we realized that having glasses didn’t change our personality AND we could see the chalk board better?! Now, twenty years later, all the cool kids are wearing glasses ON PURPOSE to coordinate with their outfits.

Anyway, my POINT is, your attitude is EVERYTHING during your photo session. If we flung open the classroom door twenty-something years ago, and said, “hey, I’m here, and back in style” we would have been so much happier sooner. When you arrive to your session, stand up straight, flash me those pearly whites, and walk in like you own the place. A simple adjustment of your mindset can really make or break a session. In short, yes we can see your attitude on camera.

If it helps – splurge on the hair and makeup.  Buy the new watch band. Coordinate the outfits. Wear THOSE shoes. Why, it’s JUST a photo session. These memories will also be a documentation of events happening this year – of course when you pull these photos out of the hatbox in fifty years you want your grandkids to exclaim, “dang Grandma, you look great!” (we will also accept, “dang, Grandma was hot!”)

These images are going to last a lifetime as artwork in your home, you want to look and feel the best you can be so take these steps to master your wardrobe during your portrait session!

Remember you’re worth it.

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Black and white photo of woman wearing tophat

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