Sicily and the Godfather Church Photoshop Magic with Newlyweds

July 12, 2019

Sicily and the Godfather Church Photoshop Magic with Newlyweds

What Does Jen Do?


𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗗𝗼𝗲𝘀 𝗝𝗲𝗻 𝗗𝗼?

A little Friday behind the scenes from Sicily.

First note – who parks there?! UGH! I had my doubts that we’d be able to create this photo for this couple due to that @#(*#$^% CAR!

But Photoshop is a life saver… as always.

Cooled the color temperature a bit, enhanced the blues, sharpened some details, REMOVED THE STOOOPID CAR (which Travis used as a shield so I didn’t have to photoshop him too), removed the light stand, and made Alyssa and Bob pop off the backdrop.

This photo was a labor of love form start to finish and I’m proud of this one! We also have a version of this image which will create a 120 inch panoramic image – but Facebook world prefers 16:9 ratio rather than the super wide pano.

The Godfather Church in Savoca

Travis Adds:

Please allow me to add a little more detail to the story. This shot was actually about a week in the makings. About 3 days before Bob and Alyssa’s wedding in Sicily, Jen and I scouted out the location. We drove to Savoca and spent about 5 hours planning out every shot. This is one of the shots we planned out. Here is everything we thought about (shortened for the sake of space):

    1.  Lense choice
    2.  Camera body choice to allow for best editing and detail
    3.  Weather including humidity and the effects it has on clearity
    4.  Lighting and lighting equipment choice. It is shots like these which proves why you use the best, and the best is Profoto (Profoto USA). The distance from Jen to the subject was about 150 to 175 yards (line of site). The Profoto transmitters worked perfectly every time.
    5.  Pose of the couple. We knew this is a huge shot, how do we pose them to stand out in the image and not be lost in the awesomeness which was their church.
    6. Timing of this shot on the day of the wedding including when and where the couple, and bridal party will be after the wedding.
    7.  The time it would take Jen to get from the couple to the shooting location. I worked with the couple on close up portraits, but at the same time we could not Jen’s set up time effect the overall delivery to our amazing couple.
    8.  Communication was key. How do you effectively communicate over that distance?
    9. How many images to you take to create the shot, and how should it be composed to effectively deliver the impact of the this amazing location.

I could go on and on…..the point being it wan an incredible experience working with Bob, Alyssa, and most importantly Jen to create this amazing image. This really does prove, in order to create really cool art, it takes an incredible amount of forethought and planning. Oh and if you haven’t noticed yet, Jen is a wizard…..

Final thoughts? Love it? Or list it?

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