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Album Details Album Line:  Mozzafiato Size:  Square | 12×12 | 60 Pages Materials : Metal & Maple This stunning upgraded Mozzafiato album boasts a metal cover with vibes of watercolor. It was a “no brainer” for Debra and Samuel to theme their wedding album with their invitation theme – pink and blue with a romantic fairy tale twist! […]

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Mozzafiato Album – Metal & Maple

Album Details Album Line:  Visionary Size:  Storybook | 12×16 | 42 Pages Materials : Leather To include everything they wanted into one album, Carrie and Kenneth decided to upgrade the album included in their wedding collection. They chose to upgrade their album to the Visionary Line and keep the cover very traditional with simple text on a brown […]

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Visionary Album – Leather

Album Details Album Line:  Epiphany Size:  Square | 8×8 | 22 Pages Materials : Cloud Leatherette Have you ever been in an empty stadium? It’s a pretty rad feeling! We got to adventure into the Lincoln Financial Field Stadium in Philadelphia for Julie and Christian’s engagement session and we were the only four people there (the stadium seats […]

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Epiphany Album – Linen

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Album Details Album Line:  Mozzafiato Size:  Storybook | 12×16 | 64 Pages Materials : Metal Paint & Leather It was a “no brainer” for Caitlin and Jeremy to theme their wedding album with their reception theme – Penn State! This awesomely festive album is part of our top of the line Mozzafiato album. They chose to tell their […]

Penn Style themed wedding album

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