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Most portraits can be divided into two categories - posed and unposed. Whichever you prefer, we'd love to capture it! We enjoy making memories for old and new families and capturing life as it happens.

We create heirloom images to tell your story because we believe that marriage is just the beginning of the story - we've been married for over 10 years and we've done a ton of living since we got married!

These Portrait Collections are specifically designed to highlight your relationships as your adventure unfolds! From adding two feet to four feet or the new baby scents and puppy breathe moments. Life happens in the most magical ways and creative photos are the most special way to document the journey to share with future generations. All collections include a skype or in-person planning session.

If you're ready and you're interested in having us photograph your event or your loved ones, send up some flares or send us a message!

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Photography Collections

Studio & Lifestyle Portraits

A Husband and Wife Photography Team

Marriage is just the beginning of your story so we're ready to show you how we specialize in capturing love as your life as your story continues over time. 

We specialize in boldly elegant photography across multiple genres, but our favorite moment of any photography session is the point when you see your images for the very first time. Taking a photograph and immortalizing it into one of our heirloom products is an exceptional experience and will be cherished by generations to come. 

Inside each set of our hand crafted Collections, we encourage you to make your photography session completely your own by adding in your dog, hobbies, or your unique spice of life.

From posed newborn photos, to in-home lifestyle portraits of the family, we also specialize in business headshots and capturing seniors at the peek of their high school experience. We add a boldly elegant vibe to our style of imagery.

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Level Up!

Starts at $600

on location

Starts at $450


Did you know that it is industry standard to update your headshot every one to two years... or every time your look changes? In this ever changing world, your headshot is the new handshake and separates the professionals from the amateurs. What does your current headshot say about you?

Our goal is to finesse your expression, pose, attire, and camera connection to achieve the most perfect headshot to represent your business or personal brand - all while capturing the essence of your personality.

Fox & Brazen can advise which Headshot Photography Collection will be the most suitable to capture your vision. We have 3 styles - Studio Headshot Session, Outdoor Headshot Session, or Business Lifestyle Session

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headshots | business branding

✈️ Travels Nationally from Philadelphia, PA, USA
✈️ Travels Internationally from PHL, EWR, BWI or JFK


Head shot

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Senior Photography Gallery

business branding & headshots Gallery

Yassss! Book it!

Starts at $600

on location

Starts at $450


When you are a teenager, there is nothing more exhilarating than the first and last day of your senior year of high school. Fox & Brazen Senior Sessions are designed reflect everything your senior has done so far in their life and celebrate all the things their future has in store for them.

Our goal is to create a vivid, exciting experience for your senior with modern, trendy photos, as well as capture some classic timeless portraits.

Fox & Brazen can advise which Senior Photography Collection will be the most suitable to capture your vision.

#classof2021 #senioryear #lastingmemories

senior year | class of 2021, 2022, 2023

✈️ Travels Nationally from Philadelphia, PA, USA
✈️ Travels Internationally from PHL, EWR, BWI or JFK



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business branding & headshots Gallery

Pawsome! Yes! 

Starts at $600

on location

Starts at $450


These collections are specifically designed to highlight your doggo!

We specialize in boldly elegant photography across multiple genres, but our favorite specialty is snuggling your dogs and creating heirloom portraits with you, your human love, and your furbaby. 

Our goal is to make your pup the star of the show, but of course add in your dog's most favorite humans for a super memorable photo session experience - all while capturing the essence of your relationship with your furbabe! 

It takes some extra special patience to work with animals and Fox & Brazen can advise which Collection will be the most suitable to capture your vision.

#doggos #fuzzbutts #puppylove

headshots | business branding

✈️ Travels Nationally from Philadelphia, PA, USA
✈️ Travels Internationally from PHL, EWR, BWI or JFK


Puppy Love

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Dream Come True

* plus Travel Fees

Starts at $950


If 2020 has taught us anything... the time to explore this world is now - it cannot wait until tomorrow.

All our Portrait Collections can be turned into destination sessions - which is a choose your own adventure - you choose your location anywhere in the USA or the World for a one-of-a-kind photography adventure experience!

Includes professional hair and makeup and as many photos and locations we can squeeze into your adventure day! The experience is completely customizable, so let’s chat to make a plan of the most memorable experience EVER!

Some of our FAVORITE locations in the continental USA include Las Vegas, coastal Florida, New York City, Washington State Some of our FAVORITE locations outside the USA include Hawaii, Punta Cana, Paris, and Iceland

#adventuresession #perfectday #lastingmemories

adventure | dream Session

✈️ Travels Nationally from Philadelphia, PA, USA
✈️ Travels Internationally from PHL, EWR, BWI or JFK



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Box it up!

Starts at $450


Fox in the Box Sessions make an appearance a few times a year at our studio. They are super fun and can be themed to suit your vision! 

These limited edition sessions are perfect for milestones, the holiday season, or if you're just seeking a fun, unique memory!

The rule is "if it sits, it fits" so bring the dog, the cat, or try to squeeze everyone in at the same time! Let's have some fun!

#foxinthebox #justforfun #thinkinsidethebox

If it sits, it fits | white box sessions


Fox in the Box

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You have booked and trusted us to create some beautiful images of your life and loves. With this in mind, we want to guide you into selecting heirloom products that feature your favorite and most memorable images from your session. All our offerings are rooted in a fine art flair and are designed to last you a lifetime.

Our favorite fine art product is our heirloom albums. Our goal is to tell a story from your session and create an album that you, your family and your friends will enjoy for years. In fact, it will be passed from generation to generation. Treat yourself to telling your story in this luxurious fashion with one of our stunning Italian Leather Storybooks.

We're also full of pride to offer our Wall Art Collections. Our Wall Art is boastful of elegance of finely crafted furniture, combined with the highest print quality in the world - this will transform your home into an authentic art gallery displaying your most precious memories! From precise color management, to cutting edge technology, the quality of this art is incredible - your future grandchildren will be thankful you invested in such beautiful artwork for their generation to enjoy.

Albums • Wall Art • Heirloom Products

Ah-Maz-ing Heirloom Treasures

Starting at ....... $125

HeirlooM Products

Starting at ....... $400

Wall Art
(Canvas, Metal, Acrylic)

Starting at ....... $750

Heirloom albums


We setup a quick phone call or virtual connect meeting to chat about your ideas, family, home, and anything special to include in your session. This chat helps set expectations for the session and makes sure we don't miss a beat!

Step 3

We will guide you in the decision whether our studio or on location is the best backdrop for your session.

Pay the date hold retainer to secure your session. This retainer counts towards your entire session fee.

Step 2

Inquire about your session style, ideas, and session date (or due date with newborns) to see our availability. We have a limited number of session available per month depending on the season.

Step 1

Ready to Move Forward? Sweet!

How to Book

Helping the visually impaired live a life of independence, confidence and companionship through being paired with a service dog

Leader Dogs for the Blind

Focusing on research and helping kids and adults live beyond their diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes

Beyond Type 1

Fueling new discoveries in cancer research

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Since 2016, Fox & Brazen has raised over $18,000 for charities. Every print credit purchased in 2020 or 2021, Fox & Brazen donates a portion to charity. The three charities we’re supporting in 2020 are:

What goes around comes around.

Giving Back in 2020 & 2021

Jen, FaB Photog

"The first time I dipped my toes in the Pacific Ocean was this destination session. As the sun was setting over Ruby Beach, we made the decree that we should get in the water. This is my favorite photo from the entire experience - it just feels like we stepped into another world."

Washington State

The Black Gown

Travis, FaB Photog

"Erin and Nabil are the epitome of resilience, determination, and true love. With their wedding plans drastically impacted by COVID-19, they were left with making hard choices about the wedding they dreamed about for years. Not letting distance, illness, and uncertainty cast a shadow on their love, they quickly adapted and created a mini wedding containing all of the happiness, romance, and joy of larger ceremonies. Being adaptive, while supporting each other through all the decision, they demonstrated that together with the one you love, you are truly unstoppable.."

The Abrahams


Jen, FaB Photog

"We've been photographing Connie and Chris sine they came to us and told us they were engaged. I remember the exact moment I got the phone call and they told us they were expecting a bundle of joy - my first question was, is Scarlett (their great dane) excited to be a big sister?"

Outdoor Maternity

I loved her First

Jen, FaB Photog

"We were photographing a model with our Greatest Showman coat and I asked one of the little girls to hold the top hat for a moment while I made a quick adjustment to the scene. Her eyes lit up and it reminded me of the two little girls from the movie and the power of imagination. We quickly found this fun alley and snagged a few photos with the these two beautiful dreamers."

The Greatest Show


Jen, FaB Photog

"All of a sudden 2020 had us "stuck" at home with just the two of us and the doggos. I will always remember the ache of missing photography and connecting with clients. So we setup a backdrop and some lights and attempted to teach our old dogs some new tricks. We quickly learned that these two dogs couldn't catch worth a damn, but they love love love pepperonis and now everytime I pull out a light stand for a photo session I have two little begging faces at my feet."

Doc & Marty

Just for Fun






Wall Art Collections

Siobhán & Hank

"Travis and Jen are the definition of professional. I cannot thank them enough for the kindness, compassion, patience, and professionalism they showed me. I am counting the days until I can book a session with them again. This couple is unmatched in their ability, creativity, and talent. You will never be disappointed by this amazing duo. ❤️❤️❤️"

Color Correction • PhotosHop Magic • Cropping • Lifetime of Knowledge

Before & After

Hover over each image to see the after and before!

Fox & Brazen specializes in two types of newborn photography. You can contact us at any time during your pregnancy with your estimated due date. With this date in mind, we will then make a tentative booking and once baby officially arrives, you can contact us to arrange a the best time and day for your session.

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions
Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are captured within your home during the first two weeks of baby’s life. This style of imagery we focus on capturing the new parents with baby in their new home doing activities new parents do with their baby (snuggling, feeding, laughing, etc). We typically photograph in the nursery and the room in your home with the best light (typically the main bedroom or living room). We focus on capturing the interaction between baby and all the members of your home!

Studio Newborn Session
Studio Newborn Sessions are captured at our Phoenixville Photography Studio during the first four to ten days of baby's life. These sessions focus on creating highly posed fine art portraits of your baby safely in our studio. We will pose your baby using simple props and wraps for this style of imagery. We will also take posed photos on of the new parents and baby highlighting a fine art flair in a studio setting.


Newborn Session Guide


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