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Meet the Masterminds behind the Photography at Fox & Brazen

We love holding hands and working in the same office together, but more importantly, we love taking life "by the horns." We love savoring the little victories/moments in life while enjoying the company of friends and family. We love adventure, traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing everything life has to offer. Our biggest adventure so far has been marriage - though we truly believe it's just the beginning of our story - we have a whole lifetime ahead.

Fox & Brazen is the brainchild of a Jen and Travis - a husband and wife photography team. We love the phrases, "opposites attract" and "once upon a time." We shoot two main styles of images - very bold, wow, amazing images and very intimate, soft, lovey images. We're a husband and wife photo team with a knack for connecting with our brides and grooms. Come find us on social media and we'd love to show you what we are all about!

Marriage is Just the beginning of the story

A Husband and Wife Photography Team

But you gotta start somewhere!

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Perfect Pair


Meet the Photographers

Studio Mascots

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What to know about Jen? Jen was born and raised in Maine until she was 18. She attended college at RIT where she met the love of her life - Travis. She's obsessed with the Barenaked Ladies (it's a 90's band - the one that sang about "If I Had A Million Dollars) and once attempted to sing karaoke to Pitbull's 'Fireball'... and failed miserably, might she add. She loves a great cocktail and could probably live off of just coffee and coffee alone. Her biggest goal in life is to appear on the TV show Survivor, but it's more likely she'd appear on a game show with her knowledge of the TV shows Cheers, Frasier, and Friends. Jen has jumped out of a plane and swam with 27 sharks (by choice) but the scariest thing she's ever done is try to grocery shop at Wegmans on a Saturday. All kidding aside, she has a background in newspaper photojournalism, film/movie production, and has dedicated her life to constantly learning and improving her craft. If iPhones take over the photography world, she plans to become a tour guide for Disney World, because her qualifying factors are she can tell you the difference between a Magic Kingdom Dole Whip and a Polynesian Resort Dole Whip and knows all the words to the Haunted Mansion ride. Oh, and she may or may not believe she's a Disney Princess and wants to be Evil Elsa for Halloween one year. In 2019 Jen earned the prestigious title of Associate Photographer of WPPI.



Wanderlust spirit

Jen Stitt

Travis has been described as a renaissance man with a love all things nerdy and artistic. Raised outside of Philadelphia he developed a love for all things musical before heading to RIT where he met his best friend and wife, Jen. Fluent in movie quotes, and addicted to Jeopardy, Travis never turns down a board game or a chance to play cards. For him a perfect day starts with a ham and cheese omelet and ends with cocktails on the beach surrounded by friends and family. As he is always up for an adventure, there isn’t a shipwreck he won’t dive, a mountain he won’t climb, or an experience he won’t try at least once. While searching for the perfect steak, Travis loves to explore local haunts only known by the natives while collecting stories. On a more serious notes, Travis loves how photography captures a single moment in time while containing a lifetime of memories. Yearning for the perfect image, Travis continually strives to create the perfect balance of photographic technique and art. No matter how many years he has been in the business, he never gets tired of seeing how images are gifted a soul and come to life as they are printed on canvas and paper. And if iPhones take over the photographic world, he will join Jen as a tour guide in Disney World, with a qualifying factor of knowing the location of the best bars while knowing how to “drink around the world” succesfully.




Travis Stitt

Jen and Travis celebrated their 10th anniversary as a married couple in 2019 and renewed their vows in January 2020 (in Disney... because you know... happily ever after and all). We still fight over who does the dishes and who has to sit in the middle seat on the airplane. We met at the Rochester Institute of Technology, but we joke that we fell in love over dishline at Gracie's - that's where we worked together in college. Our favorite vacation destination is Hawaii - but you're more likely to catch us being frequent visitors to Disney World since we both believe in love stories and the magic of being a kid at heart. Jen takes credit for getting Travis into photography and the Barenaked Ladies (it's a band guys...) - but Travis takes credit for getting Jen into Broadway musicals, amazing cocktails, becoming dog parents, moving to Pennsylvania, and he takes the ultimate cake because he asked Jen to be his wife. We both choose adventure, love, and smiling through life.

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Team Stitt

Jen & Travis

Born and raised until the age of eight weeks in Rochester, New York, this dynamic duo can only be described as a handful and then some. Half beagle and half pug - they want to be the first ones to greet you when you arrive to our offices. They have nearly a gigawatt of love to share when you meet them. They have their own instagram account but leave the photo taking to the professionals. Though they want to help assist in editing photos and writing emails - it's hard to type when you do not have thumbs! Their favorite hobby is protecting the studio from squirrels and the UPS driver, but most likely you'll find them lounging quietly and watching TV when Back to the Future is on the boob tube. 


Studio Mascots | Offical Greeters

DOc & Marty

177 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460

Come visit us!
(hours are by appointment, so make sure you drop us a line before you stop by!)

We're excited to be part of the merchants of Bridge Street in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. This little borough found it's industrial heyday in the early twentieth century and there are bits and pieces of this great history throughout the town. Circa 2020, we're now famous for First Fridays, Food Truck Festivals, Blobfest, and having more breweries per square foot than anywhere else in America.

Phoenixville is known for amazing breweries, distilleries, arts, culture, the great outdoors - and now known for being the home of Fox & Brazen Photography. Come find us on Bridge Street!

Creative Space • est 2020 • Phoenixville

Our Studio Space

Our studio location opened in June of 2020 on Bridge Street in Phoenixville, but Fox & Brazen has been a staple in the local photography community since 2011.  Our humble beginnings started as a Philadelphia-based company called 'Uncorked Studios' and our style, service, and photography has matured into our current studio. 

As we settle into our new digs - we're so thrilled to expand our photography sessions to include classic studio portraits as well as on location lifestyle portraits. 

The best marriages are when two people bring their best traits together for success - and that's what we believe Fox & Brazen is - the best of both worlds!

History of Fox & Brazen

Phoenixville • est 2011 • Worldwide

We truly believe a great photo is created with whatever camera you have in your hands - but if you need to know, we're avid Canon photographers. We pride ourselves on being seekers of light whether it's finding the light or creating it and making use of every style of lighting we can use to capture an image.

If you want to check out some of our Before and After images to see what we do in Lightroom and Photoshop when we get your images on the computer, click here!

If you want to see us in action, check out our Look Book page and check out our whole gallery devoted to behind the scenes photos!

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Behind the Scenes with Jen!